Removal of Section 66A, a landmark judgment

The recent SC ruling of Section 66A of the Information Technology Act 2000, as unconstitutional is certainly a landmark judgment in more ways than one. It eventually aligns with freedom of expression, enshrined under Article 19 of the constitution. It may be argued that its inclusion may have been well- intentioned, but there have been serious aberrations on implementation on-ground, which ultimately defeats the spirit of the provision. This judgment finally, will help remove these aberrations which caused more trouble than what was meant to solve. Any provision of law does bring in some positive intentions, coupled sometimes, with unwitting negative consequences. more

Why the Agility of Cloud, not the Cost Savings, Can be a Difference Maker for Your Business

Enterprise cloud adoption rates have climbed in leaps and bounds over the past several years. In fact, IDG Research released results of a survey last year, Cloud Adoption: Hybrid Is the Future, which found that the majority of businesses have either deployed applications or workloads using hybrid cloud or are in the process of doing so. Moreover, two years from now, respondents said that they expect their hybrid cloud application/workload deployments to triple. more

5-steps to a Lean Sales Budget

Most organizations at the time of preparing balance sheet and P&L statements report their SG&A expenses separately and needless to say, want this number as low as possible, as it is always considered an overhead or an avoidable. This is so for large companies and there is no reason why small and medium sized businesses would be any different. In short, irrespective of the size of your organization, the sales budget is always limited and always a constraint. So what do you do? How do you maximize your sales efforts with this minimum budget – here are my 5-steps to work with lean and mean sales budget. more

P2P payments – Making mobile payments even more convenient

The payment landscape in India is changing rapidly in its own ways, from a traditional cash based approach to a new digital model in the recent years. The advancements in technology has led to the evolution of online and mobile payments, payment gateways, mobile wallets and a more recent revolution- peer-to-peer (P2P) social payment solutions, enabling users to send and receive payments as easily as sending an email or a text message within their social networks.p2p_payments_making_mobile more

Building Highly Available IT Infrastructure – a Paradox of 9s

“Most IT Managers think that having more 9s is actually better – but what is to be considered is the cost associated with having more 9s, and how many 9s are actually needed?” more

Start-up Hiring Mantra – Empower your people

Working in a Start-up is all about combining creativity, optimism and passion. The start-up world is different and unlike traditional jobs, you are not required to be ‘a cog in the wheel’ with defined responsibilities; the start-up work ethics demand extra tenacity, resiliency, audacity and energy on your part at the same time providing a gamut of opportunities that can make a huge impact in your career.Start-up_Hiring_Mantra more