Quantifying customer perception to enable strategic problem solving

The growing emphasis on customer experience has made it essential for any business to better understand their customer testimonials and sentiments at a deeper level. Brands are increasingly judged by the overall experience rather than by any functional differentiation and individual benefits. While customer forum conversations are rich sources of data, it continues to be a challenge to successfully extract specific information due to the amount of topics, wide variety of languages, and the context in which comments and reviews are being posted. more

Reportage from the Valley, Day 2 – We are Moving Into Deep Waters Now

The first day of any large conference is usually marked by strict form, as people get acclimatized to the situation. At Menlo Park on Day 2, right at the start as participants moved about briskly and purposefully, it was evident that a certain degree of comfort and familiarity had set in, kid gloves were off and sleeves rolled up in a state of preparedness, awaiting the opportunity to be part of the deep-dives which were to follow. Mr. R Chandrasekhar, the President of NASSCOM delivered the opening remarks and touched briefly on the NASSCOM Product Conclave, a hotbed of new ideas and ventures that get unearthed every year. A toast of sorts, to the spirit of entrepreneurship. We moved on to the first panel discussion of the day, “Building a Great Enterprise Startup.” more

Reportage from the Valley – Day 1 at NASSCOM Innotrek, an Opportunity Beckons

The opening day of any global event is always filled with excitement and anticipation. That’s nothing new. What is unique, is the sheer palpability of the said range of emotions that inextricably accompanies its wake. Huge excitement paired with dollops of anticipation, which continue to soar like helium filled balloons. It was no different at Innotrek today, a NASSCOM 10K driven initiative which saw the best of minds in the tech entrepreneurial space congregate at the valley. Incidentally, this was the second edition of an event which in all likelihood will achieve an iconic status soon, given its intense fan following and popularity. It was to be the perfect stage for startups to connect with those who have achieved a significant degree of success, and are in a position to share insights. more

Industrie 4.0 prototype and research platform by Smartfactory(KL) at the Hanover Fair

The SmartFactory consortium was founded in 2005, before Industrie 4.0 was a concept. Currently 46 partners develop prototypes of the factory of the future, and while doing so, they develop new concepts, new products. At the Hanover fair 2016, SmartFactory demonstrates a prototype Industry 4.0 factory. Individual production modules, infrastructure and software layers are provided by different partners. more

Design Thinking: How to make one hundred million dollars in six months

I didn’t expect to hear much about innovation at the India Shared Value Summit last week, but I was pleasantly surprised when Shafi Saxena of News Republic reminded the audience of the two pillars of Design Thinking: empathy and creativity. Those two ingredients make Design Thinking work, and Design Thinking is the engine that drives successful innovation. more

5 things Cloud has changed for Indian IT

The pace of change and disruption in the technology industry has always been faster than other industries. It is very easy for companies to fail – Compaq, Novell, Nortel, and Nokia were all great companies which got disrupted and collapsed in a fairly short duration. The fast pace of evolution means that the threshold for failure has gone down and capital/ scale can no longer defend an untenable business model. more