Nasscom Product Conclave Kolkata 2016: Key Highlights

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Generation Z and Cybersecurity: Can Businesses Balance Both?

A fundamental characteristic of a successful company is its ability to know what the future looks like. Whether through financial planning, transformation goals or long-term business strategy, it is essential to get a handle on the business challenges of tomorrow, as well as those of today. more

No BREXIT. Yes Digital

Over the past few months, much has been written about the toxicity of the overall macro-economic environment on the Indian technology industry. What is a given though, is that uncertainty is the new normal. How then did the Indian IT companies fare in the last 3 months? While the results have just started to come in, here is a preliminary analysis- more

3 ways in which Information Technology can improve healthcare in India

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Global FoodTech Start-up Industry: a burgeoning sector, yet looking for innovation and sustainability!

There are 2 things that prompted me to write this blog today – 1) Some amazing findings published by Tracxn on the food tech start-up industry, which gave me some ‘FOOD’ for thought, and 2) my very own life saving experience with one of the food ordering platforms. more

Reinventing the Indian IT-BPM Industry in the age of robotics and automation

Today, automation and robotics are presenting the Indian IT-BPM industry with a tremendous opportunity—to lay a strong foundation for future competitiveness while creating exciting journeys for their workforce. more