Digital Forensics – Issues & Challenges, Need for SOPs

The level of Cyber Forensics in India is still not as per global standards. Mr. Behera, ADGP, Kerala Police in a recent event talked about his visit to a Cyber Forensics Lab in San Diego, sometime back in 2004. The protocols, the SOPs that caught his attention were quite superlative in approach and proved to be an eye-opener. It was not only about being technically superior, but about having a certain disposition in putting such a lab in place. This is lacking in India.
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Cross currency impact on Indian IT-BPM industry – A fact check

Background: US Dollar – The One Currency to Rule Them All
The slowing Chinese economy, a never-ending Euro zone debt crisis, rising inflation across the world, and continued political conflagrations has contributed to an increasingly shaky outlook for the global economy.
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Corporate Forensics – Where We Are And Where We Should Be

Corporate Forensics come into play when there’s a risk to the company’s reputation, a suspected case of fraud, threat to IP or even a case of sexual harassment, to cite a few instances. It is driven from a need. Besides IT, it encompasses Legal, HR, Audit, Compliance etc. A curious world, what with BYOD, data emanating in large volumes, in different forms and sources.
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Combating Cybersecurity Threats through Risk Assessment and Compliance

Technologies are evolving, getting complex by the day; so are cyber security risks. Businesses operating in an interconnected, digital world are wholly dependent on technology to drive profitability, and thus need to be aware of imminent threats in the technology landscape. Most of today’s attacks are multi-channel and multi-layered, making a thorough assessment of a business’s vulnerabilities imperative. Risk assessment not only helps identify gaps and take corrective measures in time, but also ensures that businesses invest their money and time in the right areas, reducing costs and improving efficiency. more


The banking and financial industry is considered as one of the early adopters of Analytics. The technological advancements have transformed the way the BFSI industry works. Now with the unprecedented rise of data, the BFSI is on the threshold of reinventing itself. Additionally, factors such as rise in operational costs, cutting edge competition, and incremental risk are driving banks and other financial institutes to constantly innovate and differentiate.
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An Alternative Capital Raising Platform for SMEs, Cause for Cheer

The Indian start up scenario, with 3000 of them presently, is expanding at a pace that was never quite envisaged a decade earlier. Moreover, it is comparatively a more recent trend, less than 5 years old or thereabouts. Cumulatively, they impact millions of other small businesses and are considered to be the hotbed of innovation in the new-age economy. Rightly so. Cash-strapped as they are they are, and in quick need of funds, the traditional route of listing in the SME Exchange through IPOs is cumbersome and an expensive proposition. Future prospects notwithstanding, it cannot be wished away that they will all succeed.
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