Translators in the Times of Machine Translation

250,000,000,000,000,000 – A quadrillion has fifteen zeroes. And the above figure – 250 quadrillion – denotes a rough average of the number of words written on web pages all over the world, on any one single day. more

Prescriptive analytics and Industrial IoT: Growing up together

Prescriptive analytics is a bit of a unicorn – a thing of beauty, but rarely seen.  I think that’s about to change, with prescriptive analytics and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enjoying their teenage years together.  Other styles of analytics (Describe, Discover and Predict) are inherently dependent on subject matter experts (SMEs) for interpretation.  That is, to a large extent current analytics tools and applications present data and information, but with little related business context.  So, a SME is required to infer the context and work their way towards a decision, based partly on data, partly on their expertise, and partly on intuition. more

Digital Disorientation and the CEO

The breakneck speed of innovation and emergence of new business models is causing disorientation in many. The world of Digital has been described by some as VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). I think ZIUP (Zipping, Innovative, Unbound, Potential) would be more befitting to this new Digital world. more

How to Measure ROI from Digital

2014 was a year when we saw organizations across industry verticals ask the same question again & again – how would one allocate budgets across digital channels? What would be measurement criteria? How would one continually optimize performance of these channels from traffic and conversion perspective? more

HR in the Digital Age: HR Annual Survey trends

Digital is the current buzzword that is cutting across every facet of our life. Be it our PM’s dream project of Digital India , the huge bombardment of gadgets and gizmos or the Facebooks and Twitters of the world, one cannot miss the enormous surge of digital overhauling our whole life. In the business world too Digital has affected every domain, vertical, and service. How can then HR be left behind. more

Why you must be outsourcing your translation requirement

“Translation is everywhere,” proclaimed Matthew Sekac, Senior Director – Sales Strategy, Park IP Translations, at the IP Service World Conference held in November 2014 in Munich, Germany. In today’s world which is doing everything it can to ‘go global’ at a rapid pace, how can language translation stay far behind when it comes to being a part of the outsourcing era? Talk about it and you’ll find both supporters and detractors for the same; the supporters will vehemently claim that outsourcing is the only way to go, while the detractors will be equally vociferous in their point of view which says the opposite. more