NASSCOM Strategic Review 2016 Highlights- Digital, Partnerships, and Smart Enterprises

2015 was further proof that volatility and turmoil is all pervasive, and perhaps the new normal. The global economy- and this time, both developed and emerging countries, experienced multiple headwinds. Economic growth stagnated, global terrorism spiked, inflationary pressures continued to build up, turbulence in currency and equity markets prevailed, commodity prices declined, and unemployment continued to haunt. more

Indian Smartphone Brands To Be Under Pressure With The Chinese Assault

Tweet Over the last half decade the Android revolution has hit the smartphone market globally. Humans are more connected and empowered with the help of these tiny computers in their pocket. For a country like India where

Case Study Storytelling in Digital Space

What is a case study? more

Use of Technology to fuel the growth and mitigate the risk

It is an assumption that implementation and use of technology – hardware, software and tools – will result in fueling growth to business. Growth must not be merely defined as top-line growth. It should be inclusive of efficient supply-chain management for inventory control, cash management, fast-tracking period closing and performance management. more

How Many Automation Devices Are Available for the Industrial Internet of Things?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and its potential to transform production operations is one of the hottest current topics in manufacturing.  Along with Industrie 4.0, IT/OT convergence, and Smart Manufacturing, the IIoT is cited as the latest means for making manufacturing production more flexible, more cost effective, and more responsive to changes in market demand.  Not surprisingly, numerous market forecasts attempt to quantify the potential inherent in the IIoT, promising that billions of “things” or devices, worth trillions of dollars, will soon be connected. more

Debit cards — Your new super hero

‘Debit cards’ — India’s most popular mode of electronic payment — are getting smarter with every swipe. Banks are offering their customers personalised debit cards through a combination of new technology and exciting features. Known as the ‘virtual wallets of the future,’ debit cards are set to become a more enduring part of our digital lives. To that extent, debit cards will continue to dominate the electronic payment gateway in the coming years. more