Digitization to Shape Retail

We live in times of unprecedented change. The rate at which change takes place is perhaps the highest ever in the history of mankind. More importantly, the rate of institutionalization of change is possibly the highest ever. As a result, human beings are living, interacting, socializing and shopping in newer and different ways. A significant proportion of this change is being driven by the revolution in digital technology.
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The Disruptors of Retail Industry

Any conversation on the retail industry quickly turns to the topic of disruption. In fact, the very nature of retail is characterized by a constant state of disruption. Seasonal fashion demands the disruption of last season’s trends. Advances in technology disrupt the status quo and create the next must-have consumer technology product.
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Mobile Innovation in Banking: Get the show on the road!

Someone once said – I’d rather check my Facebook than face my Check book.  Try telling that to  40 % of heavy mobile users worldwide who check their bank balance at least once a week via mobile banking apps.
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Uncovering Value in Telecom using Big Data Analytics

Are you listening to the right voices?
Growth in the telecom industry is always at a staggering rate. Thanks to continuous rise in customer churn, high operational costs and average customer service, telecom companies are forever at the receiving end of all kinds of technological changes & customer expectations.
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Re-architecting IT in a Two Speed World

The CIO’s world is changing at a speed that is exhilarating for some but disconcerting for many as digital transformation sweeps across businesses, governments and society at large. Even from the last year’s NILF where SMAC was just beginning to impact the way IT was managed and delivered to today, where completely new paradigms of IT sourcing and management are evident, the change has been nothing short of dramatic.
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Right IT Infrastructure is Key to Business Success

Businesses today are talking about data and benefits that they have realised out of it. The world, the way we knew it, has undergone a tremendous transformation. This would not have been possible without having the basic ground work in shape and that is where IT infrastructure fits as a pivotal process. With an informed perspective about it, organizations can speed up their rate of performance.
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