Is Mobile CRM really that important?

In an era where technology is a key driver of businesses, mobile phones and social media have rapidly emerged as ideal for a brand to connect with consumers. The challenge is that with increasing competition has also come the need for companies to significantly ‘up their game’ in terms of using mobile and social media to manage customer relationships.  Therefore, developing a coherent customer strategy using mobile and social platforms is one of the most critical imperatives for companies today.
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Signing the MoU – A Step Closer Towards Bridging The Digital Divide

Digital divide, the kind we see in our country, makes a mockery of all the progress that we have made in the field of science and technology. To plug this gap, National Digital Literacy Mission’s (NDLM) vision to empower at least one person per household with crucial digital skills by 2020, is noble.
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Engineered For High Growth

The “Make In India” clarion call sent out by the PM finds significance in Engineering Services as well. Global R&D spends have been stagnant for some time now, but despite this ER & D has shown a characteristic resilience, driven by trends and pressing needs. Despite economic headwinds, ER&D is driven by technological advances and consumer preferences which function in a highly competitive market, globally.
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The Market of One

We are experiencing a digital onslaught of unprecedented proportions, a veritable explosion of data, caused by billions of people using social networks, content sharing sites, topical blogs and discussion forums through multiple connected devices that are creating millions of content pieces, which in turn reflect on products, services, companies, personalities, and at a macro level, on businesses.
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BPM in the teens: Is it going to be smooth sailing?

What is BPM? Is it the same as BPO? Then what is ITES? Doesn’t it entail only voice-based call-center work? Then how is it different from a call center?  All these varied questions still keep erupting in a lay man’s mind even after over a decade of the industry’s existence.
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Cleaner India – A More Productive One

The oath taken by the PM on Independence day and the time taken to officially launch Swach Bharat Abhiyan on October 2nd to coincide with Gandhi Jayanti, is indeed a laudable effort. The scope of this mammoth exercise is simply mind boggling even by very ambitious standards.
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