12 exciting start-ups to watch out for!

An important highlight of the Microsoft Think Next event was the investor and media pitches made by some very interesting start-up companies. Given below is the list, and brief description of their products:Start-ups icons more

An alternate view of the future: India in the age of technological disruption – by Nandan Nilekani

Think Next events are hosted by Microsoft Accelerator with an objective to bring together the thought leaders of the Indian Technology Innovation Ecosystem. Here are the key learnings from one of the foremost thought leaders in Indian technology industry – Nandan Nilekani: more

How Location Intelligence Helps Businesses Improve Marketing Effectiveness In The Now

With today’s ever-evolving technological climate, mobile devices are a sort of extension of ourselves. Rarely do they ever actually leave our sides and rarely do we ever not need, or use them. Mobile phones in this day and age have completely transformed the way in which we communicate, travel, spend and shop. Mobile marketing demand is driven by the consumer’s insatiable craving for content, the desire to be aware of news as it hits the press, know about big sales as they are announced, and indulge in the latest technologies as they are released. more

Defending Advanced Persistent Threats – Be Better Prepared to Face the Worst

We often hear news about emerging cyber security threats and attacks impacting every industry. With advanced malwares, zero day exploits and persistent threats, cyber-attacks are now becoming very sophisticated in nature. more

Tamper-proofing Question Papers With Digital Technologies

Question paper leakages and the subsequent rescheduling of examinations are now the burning issue in the education sector. Many such instances have grabbed the media headlines recently. Let us look at how digital technology can address this challenge. 


Anecdotes-Interesting incidents and stories from everyday life

Let me start with an anecdote from my life, more