Innovation In Indian Healthcare

Healthcare is an emerging vertical and presently valued at 4 Bn USD with a 15 % CAGR. The growth in the last two years has been more than two times, and particularly rapid. Global best practises in healthcare at an affordable cost backed by technology, has been a major driver for this kind of growth. Start-ups have also been in the fray as well and account for 10 % of market share, providing viable solutions at a fraction of a cost than what is seen globally.
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Transform your workplace for millennials

The millennial generation cannot be ignored: they are your employees, your customers and may even be your future employers. When you couple this generational evolution with the unfolding digital transformation, you see the heady mix that is transforming business models and activities.
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What Would The Futuristic Datacenter Look Like?

There are some important, futuristic key trends going on in the industry right now, such as convergence, automation and cloud computing. As we understand, they will have a significant impact on how next- generation data centers are deployed. Therefore, the following will potentially become common place in many organizations:
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CXOs speed-dating young entrepreneurs at NPC

I was overwhelmed with the excitement all around at NASSCOM Product Conclave, Bangalore 2014, that was attended by various thought leaders from the entire product industry, including VCs, investors, practicing entrepreneurs along with evolving tech Start –ups community. cxo_pic more

Collaborative partnerships in the IT-BPM industry

Today the USD 118 billion Indian IT-BPM industry is at a crossroad. The past has been considerably predictable in terms of customer demand, services offered and operating models in place, and as a result growth has been largely homogeneous. Current times though are a lot more volatile and competitive, as a result organizational performances are now a lot more heterogeneous. Innovation and business transformation, and the ability to serving unmet needs through new products and solutions are increasingly the differentiating factor between successful and unsuccessful organizations.7-nov1 more

Transforming Financial Services with Big Data Analytics

Few organizations are as data driven as financial institutions! Banks have  tons of customer information stored in the form of structured data and if you add unstructured data that flows in from  emails  social networking sites, blogs and search queries, et al… the amount of data financial services organizations are bombarded with every day is unbelievable! Transforming Financial Services with Big Data Analytics As financial institutions look to architect more customer-centric strategies, sifting through the data deluge from multiple sources and separating the “noise” from actionable information is the need of the hour. While banks have invested in tools and resources to examine this ‘data’, bankers will tell you that they have traditionally relied on statistical sampling techniques because it was simply too unwieldy to search, organize and analyze the entire data set. This no longer has to be the case, using new technologies financial institutions can get better at intelligently organizing, analyzing, and translating data into actionable business insights. Why Big Data Analytics? It has been a big awakening for banks and financial firms to understand that big data is definitely a big deal and recognize that advanced analytics offers the opportunity to redefine the playing field. more