Is Slumdog a Crouching Tiger for India?

I was interested to read the India Briefing Centre blog entry by Vikas Pota about the new Danny Boyle movie Slumdog Millionaire. I was also impressed when I saw the film a couple of weeks ago and blogged about it in Computing magazine at the time.

There has been considerable criticism of the slum chic nature of the film. Some commentators have argued that it’s exploitative – The Times newspaper even called it ‘Poverty Porn‘… but I feel that the story is essentially a fantasy, it’s a fable. If the poverty that exists within India can be exposed to an audience that would never usually take an interest in the region then surely that’s a good thing?

I really like the quote from Kishore Lulla of Eros Entertainment that Vikas uses in his blog. It seems that India really has found it’s Crouching Tiger… Rather than getting caught up in angst about the film not being home-produced, why not consider how a film about India that is now nominated for no fewer than ten Academy Awards can benefit the nation – and our industry?