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Face-to-face with Stephen Roach

Stephen Roach, Morgan Stanley’s chief Asia specialist, has been observing the region for the past few years and initiated over 70 researches that point to its growing importance within the global economy. more

The Changing Role of an Association

The other day, I overheard someone saying that nowhere in history (perhaps the only exception being the French fashion industry) has an industry  witnessed such a rapid pace of growth as the Indian IT industry. When annual growth figures are upwards of 30% for well over a decade, you realise that it can’t be far from the truth. In this light, it is also interesting to note the changing role of the association which has primarily driven this growth. 20 years back when NASSCOM started its journey, the industry was nowhere close to what it is now. IT was not the “blue eyed boy” of the government and the need of the hour was to create an environment which fostered growth and create a level playing field. The association’s role in policy advocacy has been its pillar and continues to be so even today. more

We value your time – NASSCOM Connect

At NASSCOM, we appreciate your efforts in attending a 3-day conference, in a city which may be away from your base location. Naturally, those 72 hours would pass  you by in a jiffy and unless planned well in advance, you could miss out on the networking opportunities. Leveraging the knowledge disseminated by 150 speakers or thereabouts, covering multiple parallel tracks and also setting up meetings with your customers / business partners can be bit of a strain. This is where we provide you a unique technology offering, that will enable delegates to establish connect within the community. It is platform which can be used by people with similar interests to create visibility for their organisations and have access to a global audience. An ongoing facility, which is of tremendous value add to the participants. For the first time this year, we are also leveraging the power of social networking through Linked In. All registered delegates can now join the NILF LinkedIn Group Profile that we have created and be part of the subgroup, participate in discussions and subscribe to news feeds. It will help you stay connected and be updated on the latest developments at NILF. more

Expect the unexpected – with Lynda Gratton

In an industry which is often guided by QSQT (Quarter se Quarter tak) formula, managers are never short of advice. In the ideas bazaar, they are often surrounded by gurus, consultants, authors and academics exhorting them on what to do and what to avoid. The difference lies in the context. A particular strategy which worked well, even a year back may now seem redundant. Most managers know this fact, but find it very hard to execute and end up doing exactly what they did earlier, with disastrous results. Prof Lynda Gratton in her much acclaimed book Living Strategy : putting people at the heart of corporate strategy, says “if people are our greatest assets, it is time to make strategies that people can live in”. It almost sounds clichéd but the reality is that more often than not, people do not feel they are treated as the most important assets. More so, in times when the downturn threatens to bring down age old reputations like nine pins. more

Introducing John Suffolk, Chief Information Officer of the UK Government

Relations with UK run deep – deeper as we delve into the annals of history. We’ve always looked at the UK market from the Indian perspective, but here’s giving it a whole new dimension, even as we welcome Mr John Suffolk’s maiden address at the Leadership Forum. It would be interesting to have the key IT man from the government share his thoughts in sync with new ideas , new times and new directions. The UK government, being amongst the more progressive ones in adopting IT, it would be interesting to hear his address. The man has been around for close to three decades, having worked extensively on transformation programmes through IT. It is through this lens that we wish to capture the future. Interestingly enough, John has also worked in the engineering and financial services industry, spearheading several key initiatives. more

For Our Sponsors – A token of appreciation

Putting together something as big as the Leadership Forum is always a mammoth exercise and requires the unfailing support of all our stakeholders. Sponsors, being at the forefront, have always been appreciative of our efforts and very encouraging in sharing their views on the subject under consideration. When this happens year after year for 18 years on the trot, it just goes onto reinforce our views that what we are doing is RIGHT and NILF as a platform, is tremendous value add for the IT industry. For the sponsors also, it is a huge opportunity to showcase their strengths to a global audience and create instant brand recall. An international summit like NILF always attracts the most respected names (domestic and international) who have made a deep impact in the global market. These insights are invaluable to us, as we meet expectations and keep up with the changes. The symbiotic relationship, built over nearly two decades, has made NILF what it is today. This also gives us an opportunity to acknowledge all those who have supported us so far, for this year’s edition – there are many companies in this list who have supported us though the years and our special acknowledgement to them. A special note, for all our lead sponsors (as on date) to the global summit:
The comprehensive list of Sponsors as on date are is appended below: more