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What brings delegates to NILF?

Three days of deliberations at NILF 2011. As I walked into the halls and looked at all those heads listening in rapt attention to the speakers, I thought, what is it that gets so many people to an event like this – what would their expectations be? Unlike the World Economic Forum, where you have heavy weights walking the corridors and delegates jumping on board to “be seen”  at the right place at the right time, NILF is more targeted at the software industry and does not have a snob value for people with a stiffer upper lip. So what bring the industry there? more

From the Green Room @ NILF 2011

Just read a tweet on how one day after the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum got over and life is looking so boring. That actually mirrors my sentiments. It is only natural for the organizing team @ NASSCOM to feel a sudden vacuum to set in post such heightened activity for the past few months. But I also am experiencing a feeling of having woken up from a beautiful dream. I have to say that there was something spiritual that I experienced at the speakers’ lounge where all the speakers were holed up before and after their sessions. more

Accenture Thought Leadership – Key Impressions of Day 3

Tweet This is my concluding blog for the 19th NASSCOM India Leadership Forum. For me, the central message from the proceedings across three days is: IT and BPO firms will need to build strong domain expertise and

Marketing mantras from John Sculley

Sculley says the key role of marketing is to ask the right questions. He alluded to a research he anchored way back at Pepsi where they started off designing a bottle to compete with then market leader Coke, but eventually went on to launch larger size packs as he found out that homes that stocked colas were always running out of stock! more

Reboot the CIO

Think for a moment about how this industry is changing. more

The social media wedding

A lot of people have been asking me about my recent wedding. If you were not aware, I organised it all using Facebook and the guests were live tweeting the event during the day. It was filmed by the BBC and featured as part of a radio show called “A Secret History of Social Networking”… more