Monthly Archive:: February 2012

Can you help a true friend of Nasscom to get better?

If you are a regular at the Nasscom India Leadership Forum, held every February in Mumbai, then you must surely know Alex Blues. Alex is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world in the field of outsourcing, with a track record  that includes being a partner at PA Consulting, a Director at KPMG, a director at Orbys, and he was once the European head of Syntel. more

The story of technology and innovation – on and off the pitch

A tradition that NASSCOM has been following at its annual NILF is to invite a well-known, non-IT personality to highlight learnings that can be applied to the Indian IT-BPO industry. This year it was Sir Richard Hadlee, the great pace bowler from New Zealand, who drew parallels between sport, business and IT. more

Cloud Impact on global sourcing: Will the market expand or shrink

Cloud computing is not new, but it is something whose time has come now. Computer pundits have long predicted that computation power will get commoditized and get organized as a utility like power and energy. It is only in recent time that supply and demand drivers are beginning to align for cloud computing to take off now. But what kind of an impact will this disruptive technology have on existing service providers and the services they offer? Will they have to undergo significant change? Will existing services get cannibalized or replaced? Will existing service providers experience a new set of competitors? more

Global IT Sourcing in 2012 – Stagnant, shrinking or significant

And so within a span of two years, economists would make us believe that a second recession is upon us. There is global turmoil, natural disasters, and low customer confidence. Governments are highly leveraged, the Euro zone seems floundering, unemployment levels are high, and there are reports of a slowdown in China- so what does all these mean for technology spending going forward- was the agenda of one of the most anticipated sessions at the 20th NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, Mumbai. more

What are customers looking for?

History tells us that steady growth in the world has often been interspaced with rapid upheaval caused by shifting consumer trends. And when it comes to customer of IT-BPO services, they have been among the fastest evolving consumers ever, exhibiting quick maturity and this trend has been amplified through the impact of the increased effect of new disruptive technological advances. So what do the new age IT-BPO service consumers are exactly looking for – was the topic for an intense discussion by a group of game-changers from the industry. TK Kurien played the able host and moderator helping dissect the modern customer with Jai Menon, from Bharti Group, Salil Parekh from Capgemini, and Larry Keirnan, CTO,  Bank of Ireland. more

The Era of Hyperspecialization – What got us here won’t get us there

The Indian IT-BPO industry has scaled great heights in the past two decades- grown 20 times in revenues, contributing upto 7.5% of India’s GDP, and offering direct and indirect employment to over 11 million people. However, the next decade is expected to present even tougher challenges, and the industry is today experiencing an era of hyper specialization- which will require not companies as well as business leaders to reinvent. The industry markets, services and delivery models will be significantly different from what it has been in the past demanding a different form of leadership too, and which is where Marshall Goldsmith and his revolutionary thinking on how to change for the future comes in. more