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Gen Y & Baby Boomers – a primer

Generation Y has many references. Generation We. Global Generation. The Millennial Generation (or Millenials). Generation Next. The Net Generation. Or, the Echo Boomers. It is difficult to ascertain exactly and precisely when Generation Y starts and ends, but managers and hirers usually agree on beginning birth dates of early 1980s and later, as members of this gen. Popularly and in many ways yet maintaining continuity, they really are a demographic cohort, following Gen X. more

Deconstructing the Cloud at NRC Noida Tech Series

Mr. Sunil Singh, Managing Director of Globallogic and the Chair, NRC Noida welcomed all participants, a full house at Radisson Blu. He said that running enterprises, and in fire fighting mode, it was always very difficult to take time out and talk as one engineer (read techie) to another. NRC Noida- initiated Tech Series, was a platform for doing just that. To put aside your daily worries, come in a relaxed frame of mind and join the geeky discussion. He briefly touched upon activities of the Regional Council driven by other Special Interest Groups (or SIGs) on HR, Infrastructure & Industry Academia. more