3 ways in which Information Technology can improve healthcare in India

medical-5634271. Connected Hospital

  • IoT to improve quality of care in hospitals. (Imagine a surgeon enters an operation room wearing a google glass, which is connected to the monitoring devices – can see the vital parameters right in-front of his eyes by virtue of augmented reality. Post surgery, the doctor makes notes and observations, which feeds directly into centralized nursing system, to assist in post-operative care.)
  • To enable this, there should be mandatory EHR/EMR adoption across hospitals, and integration of medical equipments to these centralized systems. Overall idea is a seamless integration of HIS, PACS, EMR, CPOE, billing, and medical devices.
  • Provision of on-the-go access of patient records to doctors.

2. Tele-medicine, Remote Monitoring, and Home Healthcare

  • How tele-medicine, remote monitoring, and home healthcare can serve as a panacea to the overall healthcare infrastructure shortage in India!
  • Government to assist in realizing these goals by improving internet connectivity in rural areas.
  • Healthcare industry/med-device makers to launch miniaturized devices (portable monitors and wearable technology) to realize these goals.

3. Preventive Healthcare

  • High prevalence of chronic/lifestyle diseases, and communicable diseases in India, makes prevention an important means to contain healthcare costs.
  • Role of technology (mHealth apps) in improving awareness on preventive methods.
  • Role of mobile apps and wearable technologies for management and monitoring of diseases.

Please do share your views/examples/use-cases. Do you think there are other means as well?

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