4 Indian start-ups in the Billion dollar club already

Often, when I gaze at the current funding landscape in this country, I am mesmerized to see the enormous capabilities and futuristic aspirations of this young start-up community to grow and scale heights. The year 2014 was a watershed year for funding and valuations in the Indian start-up ecosystem, thus confirming the long term growth potential of key companies, and industry segments.Indian_start_ups_in_the_billion_dollar

Not only did existing investors infuse more capital into start-up businesses with series of multiple funding rounds, at the same time, large scale funding avenues were originated as first time ventures from the investors across the globe. This truly signifies that several of these young businesses have a strong ability to grow in the coming years.

India - Billion dollar club

A deep dive into the pool of fast-growing ventures in the country reveal that some Indian Start-ups have already joined the coveted ‘Billion Dollar Start-up Club’ with valuations at $1 billion or above. With 17 companies in total, Asian Start-ups account for 11 per cent of the Billion Dollar Club and 4 Indian companies figure in this list, in addition to 8 from China.

This is just the beginning and the growing valuations is a testimony to the mounting fortitude of Indian Start-ups to mark an entry to this elite club as early as possible. As per the recent talks, Tiger Global Management is likely to invest an approximate amount of $150 million in online classifieds major Quikr, in yet another financing round, and if this happens, another Indian start-up is all set to mark an elite entry to this club soon. In 2014 itself, Quikr had been able to raise two rounds of funding worth $150 million in total with approximately $60 million in September, led by Tiger Global, with a valuation of $400 million.

Although, this round of funding is not yet finalised, it has definitely raised sentiments and expectations among Indian start-ups. All we can do now is to sit and watch out how soon the current 4 becomes 5 and so on in this elite club.

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