Are you aware that you are standing in a twilight zone!

Sample this: The maiden web-casting of the election process in Kerala found resonance in the cyber world with at least 3,783 persons across the globe logging on to the chief electoral officer’s website to watch democracy in action. This new-look politics isn’t surprising given that businesses are already using tools to personalize Webcasts and build custom Webcasting applications, enabling viewers to interact with presenters, communicate with other Webcast participants, and much more.

No two thoughts that social media is changing every game in town. Is your business ready to walk into the new age?

Recently, a global media study called The World Unplugged asked students aged 17-23 to abstain from any form of media for a whole 24 hours. The study, run by the International Center for Media and the Public Agenda (University of Maryland), compiled surveys from young adults in ten countries around the world, including Lebanon, China, Uganda, Argentina and the U.S. A clear majority were unable to fully complete the 24 hour ban. Whether this was due to a lack of fortitude, or the students “had” to use media for work, most countries in the study failed to abstain completely.

So when these youngsters enter the workforce, what kind of a change is that going to be for your business? Are you prepared or even preparing?

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