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Indian IT-BPM Industry- Game Changing HR Best Practices

The Indian IT industry, one of the prime drivers credited with changing the face of the nation’s economy, stands at an unchartered cross-road. With the world of technology fast gravitating to an on-demand, in-the-cloud, decentralized, digital and sharing based landscape, the industry is grappling with several challenges as it seeks to reorient and, in the process, reinvent its quasi ‘set in-stone’ practices and processes to keep up at this time of unprecedented change which has upended established orders and charts out a new ‘new normal’. more

8 Predictions on the Future of Internet in India

1)      India to remain the fastest growing internet destination more

3 things Indian IT companies needs to do to make money from IoT

The Indian IT industry has been focusing on IoT in the last three years. However, many Indian IT-BPM providers have been grappling to define their market entry and to articulate their value proposition to clients. IoT investments and developments have been diverse and disparate as a result. A handful of Indian players are working with large manufacturing, industrials and engineering clients to co-create IoT use cases. Some of them are also participating in ecosystem plays such as Infosys-GE, TCS-GE, Wipro-Software AG and Cognizant-Verizon. more

Hype to Reality- 3 Challenges for IoT

While I talked about demand side heating up for IoT in my previous blog, the supply side has seen steady investments over the last decade for both enterprise and consumer markets. Cisco and IBM were early adopters of IoT and have been working on their respective initiatives “Internet of Everything” and “Smarter Planet” since the late 2000s. The rise of consumer wearables and smart objects such as Pebble, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Fitbit, Nest (bought by Google), Amazon Echo, HTC Vive have rubbed off on the enterprise space. A range of companies have entered the market in the last five years to create a business IoT stack as well—developing MEMS chips and IoT devices, providing infrastructure, and building platforms and applications. more

GST Impact on Indian IT Industry- Some Hits, and then some Misses

Hurray-the Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill, which is aimed at addressing issue of multiple levies and its cascading effect, ushering in destination-based taxation, simplify compliances and provide for effective dispute resolution mechanisms in a time-bound manner- has been passed! more

4 Most IoT Ready Verticals

By 2020, it is estimated that there will be 50 billion connected devices in the world. A slew of connected homes, smart kitchen appliances, universal smart controllers, fitness bands, driverless cars, self-learning traffic systems, remote controlled production lines, remote/real-time health care diagnostics will join the list. This combination of the physical and digital worlds is a powerful one. McKinsey estimates that the economic impact of IoT applications could be from USD 4 trillion to upto USD 11 trillion per year by 2025. To put things in perspective, China’s GDP in 2015 is estimated to be around USD 11 trillion. more