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Storytelling in eBooks

Storytelling in eBooks can take three formats:- more

Anecdotes-Interesting incidents and stories from everyday life

Let me start with an anecdote from my life, more

Quotable Quotes-Crisp & Catchy Stories

The highest virality happens with two kinds of content viz. videos and quotable quotes. Since videos can be more expensive to produce regularly, quotable quotes are most powerful to reach large audiences and build powerful brand in shortest possible time. more

Using Storytelling in Social Media Profiles

A story is a story is a story is a story. Period. Human brain is wired for narrative or story. Shh, to tell you the truth, we are not designed to remember bullet points but designed to remember stories. more

How to tell better powerpoint and visual stories

Great marketers establish emotional bonds with their customers and prospects. Nothing can be more powerful in forming an emotional bond than an authentic story. The more parts of the brain a story can involve, the more senses it can evoke, the more powerful it becomes. more

Case Study Storytelling in Digital Space

What is a case study? more