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Fending Off Cyber Evil In The Mobile Wallet Space

Traditional payment systems are witnessing heightened competition from digital and mobile payments because they present a convenient proposition to pay for goods and services. While these mobile payment systems appear promising, unsecure wallets are bridled with potential risks that can threaten the future of the industry. more

The War on Cash is actually part of the War on Organised Crime

Two recent news reports have revealed some seriously disturbing trends. On Nov 26, news reports spoke about a heist in Delhi where Rs 22 crores cash was stolen by the ATM van driver, when he was left alone for just 2 minutes. Another news report talks about how prepaid cards were used to fund the 11/13 terror attacks in Paris. Just imagine the consequences for a country like India, deeply addicted to cash and where prepaid card issuance (aka ‘wallets’) claims to have reached stratospheric levels Both these news items send a loud underlying message: (1) there is no option but move away from cash and (2) prepaid cards is not an answer to the digital payments question. more

Do you actually need a prepaid wallet?

It is difficult to argue with the statement that the mobile phone has made a bigger difference to our lives than any other invention in the last three decades. India has more than 900 mobile subscribers and a huge chunk of it belongs to the Tier II and Tier III cities. The smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices and its apps are helping the ‘Digital India’ to make smarter choices. more