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GST – Taking Indian SMEs Digital Like Never Before

The Indian SME market is a tough nut. Ask anyone working in this space and you would hear a story of relentless education and grass root level efforts to engage Indian businesses. Some key examples that come to my mind are, JustDial and Indiamart. Each of these are profitable businesses that have succeeded by helping businesses in India. What’s common between all three of these is the crazy sales & support they have created. None of these are known for Silicon Valley level cutting edge technology or an engineering culture to envy. more

Evolving Screen Sizes of Our Flagship Smartphones

Tweet It’s 2016! It’s been more than 2 decades since the first touchscreen phone was launched. In case you did not know, it was named as Simon which was manufactured by IBM in 1992. This was way

Indian Smartphone Brands To Be Under Pressure With The Chinese Assault

Tweet Over the last half decade the Android revolution has hit the smartphone market globally. Humans are more connected and empowered with the help of these tiny computers in their pocket. For a country like India where

How Brands Price Their Phones Across Segments

Tweet We all have been using mobiles for a very long time now. They have evolved a lot from the time of its inception. From the classic feature phones by Nokia to the current Note series by

Deep Diving Into Customer’s Experience Of Mobile Brands

If we’d ask ourselves, “What’s the one physical thing you cannot live without every day?” We are pretty sure a majority of you would nominate your smartphone. And why not? A smartphone keeps us connected, helps us travel with maps, let us buy stuff online and so much more. With so many reasons, there are times when we tend to have a love-hate relationship with our phones. After a point of time, you might start thinking of switching to another phone. That’s the time when your geeky friends will suggest you phones of different brands which will suit your exact requirements, or you compare the available handsets across sites and keep playing with the sliders to get various suggestions. And eventually, you’ll find that one phone of your choice.
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Intrigued By Mobile

In 2002, O2 showed us the Windows powered XDA Pocket PC and we knew that phones would never be the same again. While we should be puzzled on why we took half a decade after that to realise the power of a touch screen and even then call it a smartPHONE, we can say with certainty today that mobile computers are taking over the world. In over a decade of mobile evolution, this little gadget has proved itself to be a phenomenon beyond what we expected back in 2002.
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