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The NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, 2009 – in Perspective

I’m back home in Chennai, after 3 days of time well spent at the NASSCOM India leadership forum, 2009, and I must admit that it has brought some cheer to the gloom that prevails. The speakers for the event were top class, and some of the most reputed and sought after business leaders. In these times, its important to induce optimism and pave new avenues for business; and events like these play an important role in salvaging the confidence lost. The message sent to the world was loud and clear, that Indian IT hasn’t lot its sheen (despite the recent chinks in the armour), and is resurgent. more

India Inside

Day 3 comes to a close as I write, and culiminates into a great ending of a wonderfully organised event. All credits to the organisers at NASSCOM for arranging an array of global leaders and speakers, spread over these 3 days. Particularly impressive was Shashi Tharoors speech today (read a wonderful account by David Appasamy), and how he impressed upon the audience with his perspectives. more

Advantage Russia and Egypt

I had the chance to interact with IT representatives from Egypt and Russia, who had come down to the summit for a purpose. Besides the intention of learning from the gurus and the networking, I feel their presence is very strategic. The economy in recession, and cost playing an important rule in the decision to outsource, these countries want to pitch and move in. more

Of Network Computing and Networking

Its Day 2 of the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, 2009 and its shaping out really well. I spend some time with the SalesForce team trying to understand cloud computing (or network computing as it used to be termed earlier), and how it can be plugged into the framework of a conventional business. I was impressed with the unconference yesterday (refer to my earlier post) and wanted to learn more. SalesForce is a commercial entity and have successfully implemented a wide variety of cloud computing solutions for clients around the work. Visit their website for more details. more

A perspective on Cloud Computing – an Unconference

At 12 in the noon, an unconference session was held at the NASSCOM connect hall to convene and discuss about cloud computing, and its implications in a business scenario. For the uninitiated, cloud computing is leveraging the Internet to dynamically scale, virtualise resources and providing them as services to businesses. Google Apps, leasing out its massive capacity for on-demand computing to service providers is an example. more

Early Impressions

We are here finally, at the much anticipated NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, 2009 at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai. Me, Kiruba and Vijay Anand tagged along from Chennai, and reached the venue much before the registrations started. The lead time let us get a sneak preview of the last moment preparations, which I must say is commendable. more