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Delegate Experience at NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2010


Topic Tables – At NILF 2010

At NILF 2010, we are trying to provide a unique opportunity for the delegates to Connect on focussed topics. Topic Tables will provide face to face exposure to those interested in the same projects and concepts. Tables will be organized for broader topics, but they are entirely up to you as a delegate. We will post your topic online and onsite and provide the space and time. You need to provide the engaging topic and also get some discussions going. These tables will allow delegates with common interests to gather together and discuss those issues which may not have fit within the other sessions, or for which an unconstrained discussion is desired. This would also allow like minded people to interact/network with each other. These tables will provide the space and opportunity for delegates and groups to connect, network and share ideas. more

Look Who’s attending the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum(NILF) 2010 in Mumbai

The stage is ready for the eighteenth edition of the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum in Mumbai(9th – 11th Feb 2010). This time around about 800+ companies, 130+ speakers,  are expected to attend the conference. The theme for the conference is “New Times, New Ideas, New Directions“. The program agenda can be accessed online.  If you are a delegate you can also network with the delegates online using the NASSCOM Connect or the LinkedIn Group setup for the delegates. more

Building alliances through Country Forums at NILF 2010

We are now only a few days away from what is the eighteenth edition of our annual flagship event – the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2010. One of the main attractions every year, has been the country sessions, at the conference. There’s always a lot of excitement generated, on which are the countries that are participating and the opportunities that exists in these markets. more

Recession led to a stronger view on ethics in mgt – An interview with Lynda Gratton in ET

Lynda Gratton has spent two decades working on, as she says, humanising employment . More recently her raison d’etre has been the examination of
why some organisations buzz with high energy and some just go into what seems like a deep freeze. In her best selling book ‘Hot Spots’ , this professor of management practice at London Business School says that when the right people come together in a business they can create Hot Spots, moments when innovation and excitement create exceptional results for a business. In her subsequent book ‘Glow’ Gratton puts the spotlight on people who, thus energised, are able to radiate enthusiasm and inspiration in their work and inspire and ignite other people. These are the people, she says, who will always be in demand. Yes, even in a slowdown. Gratton is considered one of the world’s authorities on people in organisations and was listed at #18 in the Global Thinkers50 – the definitive listing of the world’s top 50 business thinkers. Her newly founded Future of Work consortium brings together more than twenty global corporations in a virtual community to research, examine and co-create templates for organisational practices of the future. Together, she is hoping they will create an in-depth analysis of how we will be working – as companies and individuals – in 2020. Come February, Gratton will be bringing her message about energy and innovation to the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum in Mumbai. more

EMERGing Out at NILF 2010

How emerging companies can make the best out of participating at NILF 2010
The NASSCOM India Leadership Forum (NILF) is NASSCOM’s most important event of the year. The event is a must attend for anyone wanting to get a feel of the industry’s pulse, market trends and new technology directions. more