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Vignettes of NILF 2010

As I look back on the just concluded NILF 2010, some memories stand out more clearly than others, having made a distinct impression on me. Like being in the wash room and seeing Som Mittal come in, haggard, shoulders stooped, looking tired to the bone. After the usual visit to the urinals, he approached the sinks, washed his hands, whipped off his glasses and washed his face vigorously. The he wiped his face, placed his glasses back on, squared his shoulders and held his head up. He then walked out the door jauntily, refreshed and energized, seemingly ready for anything. Love his spirit, and that of the NASSCOM team… more

NILF: Pioneering the use of ICTs and the social media

The NILF, such an integral part of the IT industry’s calendar for the opportunities and trends that it serves to highlight, has also quietly shown the way in the use of ICTs for such events. It began innocuously enough with text message updates, followed by online registrations and print outs of badges at the venue. This was augmented in later years by the official blog which kept people abreast of the goings on at the NILF and gave them a window into the kind of event it is. more

NILF 2010: Record registrations

NILF 2010, we are informed, has had 1650 registrations as compared to the 1500 registrations of last year. In fact registrations are now closed for the event. This is a clear indication of the industry’s interest in participating in the NILF for learning, networking and strategizing. The NILF 2010 also has a record 130 speakers of international stature across the myriad tracks and main sessions. Putting this annual event together is a humongous effort in planning, logistics, networking, attracting the right profile of speakers, and of course, attracting the right profile and number of delegates. more

The future lies in globally collaborative development and delivery

The NILF 2010 ha a number of sessions on cloud computing, software as a service, innovation, transformational change, the role of telecom players in showing the way and so on. One can see a thread connecting all these to serve a maturing Indian IT industry whose scope and vision is no longer based on delivery of services overseas from India based development centers. Rather it is of a globally dispersed work force working together collaboratively to deliver services to diverse customers world wide. more

NILF 2010: Bound to be a watershed in the growth of IT services

The Indian It services industry has just reached $ 50 billion in size despite a challenging year following the global financial crisis. Suddenly, everything has changed, starting from investments in IT to customer priorities. Maximizing returns on IT investments, and outsourcing of services to maximize the use of existing IT infrastructure are likely to be the focus. Everyone is on a learning curve, coping with the ‘new normal’ based on an entirely new set of dynamics. more

Lessons from the Leadership Forum

Three intense days of interaction, listening, participating and networking. What was the outcome beyond the value derived from the various well thought out sessions? We are all clearly that much richer in terms of perspective, understanding of the current financial crisis and when it may end, the opportunities before us and the people we met. What else? If anything, it is very clear that participation is key to unlocking the true potential of an organization such as NASSCOM. The more we take part in the process, the more we contribute to our own empowerment, and that of others. That’s what an industry association is all about. more