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M2M: Ushering the age of hyper communication / collaboration

Machine-to-machine (M2M), also variously known as internet of things/everything (IoT/E), connected devices, remote monitoring and diagnostics, smart computing, extended internet, etc. more

Software Products: Desi firms – Pardesi markets (Part II)

The Indian software product industry is aiming to achieve USD 10 billion in revenue by 2020. Driven by demand from customers – enterprises, SMBs, government and retail consumers – and the emergence of disruptive technologies – this industry has received just the thrust needed to achieve this target. more

Software Products: Desi firms – Pardesi markets (Part I)

On its journey to discover and develop ‘desi’ Facebook or Google-esque firms that would innovate globally disruptive products, India’s software product sector has begun to receive worldwide attention. more

Engineering analytics: Next growth opportunity for ER&D service providers

The world is being overrun by devices connecting people to people, people to objects and objects to objects. These include computer devices, mobile devices and industrial/consumer devices. more

2013: HR – Changing Talent Paradigm – Adjusting to the times

In its over 25 year history, the IT-BPM industry in India has undergone a tremendous change, transitioning from transforming itself to transforming the customers’ businesses. This evolution has been due to the expanding services portfolio, by tectonic shifts in technology landscape and equally important, the maturing expectations of customers. more

Indian Agriculture – Next Wave: IT as the Game Changer

India’s agriculture and allied sectors (incl. horticulture, livestock, fisheries) is, at present, at crossroads. On the one hand, ~58 per cent of India’s population depends on these sectors for livelihood; on the other, labour is shifting away from agriculture to service-oriented industries. Other challenges include declining land availability, lack of adequate research labs/tech transfer, inadequate marketing intelligence, etc.; the sector also lacks proper genetic resource management, low mechanisation, lack of technical and technological inputs, inadequate cold/storage chains and post-harvest management, etc. more