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Net neutrality and the protection of the consumer!

The TRAI Consultation paper asking twenty questions on the little known issue of Net Neutrality has brought a new awareness to the mind of not just the platform and internet applications provider community but also to the internet consumer at large. Beyond the hashtag activism that has suddenly sprouted all over the country, there are some real issues which the responses released by NASSCOM and others seek to address.
Net neutrality and the protection of the consumer! more

Re-architecting IT in a Two Speed World

The CIO’s world is changing at a speed that is exhilarating for some but disconcerting for many as digital transformation sweeps across businesses, governments and society at large. Even from the last year’s NILF where SMAC was just beginning to impact the way IT was managed and delivered to today, where completely new paradigms of IT sourcing and management are evident, the change has been nothing short of dramatic.
Re-architecting IT in two speed World more

NILF 2012 – an opportunity to re assess !

The IT and BPO sector in India continues to be an amazing place – exciting, ever changing and full of opportunities with some challenges. more

Dr. Michael L. Tushman

This year again, participants will have a special treat served from the Harvard Business School – Professor Michael Tushman. For me it is a double privilege after playing host to Prof David Garvin last year.  I am sure we are in for a double treat ! more

The science and art of leadership

The science and art of leadership is embodied in the teachings of Prof David Garvin one of the top Professors at Harvard Business School. Participants at the NASSCOM Leadership Forum have a treat in store for them both in David’s workshop and his keynote session at the conference. more

Perspective 2020 – the NASSCOM-Mckinsey study

The preview of the report presented today by the McKinsey team with support from the Chairman and Vice Chairman of NASSCOM has clearly spelled out the numerous benefits that the growth of the industry in the last ten years has delivered to the country. Tertiary education in the key IT states has grown over six times, the opportunities for youth, particularly young women has multiplied with women now constituting over thirty percent of the knowledge workforce and over fortyfive percent of urban job creation can be directly attributed to our industry – that’s a lot to be proud about. Most important, we can all take pride in the fact that this is one industry which has put India on the world map ! more