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Community Marketing or Advertising?

While Accenture, IBM and CapGemini blasted their ads, the traditional response of the Indian IT marketer has been that we target a very small base of organizations, so ads would be overkills. When we first started discussing this, back in the early part of the last decade, we assumed that when the firms were bigger they would end up having to advertise, as one-to-one would become unwieldy. more

Golden Halo – Aligning Profitability with Inclusive Growth

Is inclusivity just corporate social responsibility? Or is doing well and doing good something you have to do for better business? more

RIM rises on the back of smart devices?

We used to get excited by robots. And Japan still churns out images of robots doing cool (well, not for us) stuff like ironing. But Mr Arroyo, CIO, of AT&T is painting the vision of the future where devices are on the network. Where not just can your iPhone switch on your car, but various devices can give real-time feedback. more