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Role of Social Business in the Digital Workplace

What is a Digital Workplace? Actually, the Digital Workplace has been with us for quite a while. It had its earliest beginnings when business applications replaced clerks and ledgers, when email replaced interoffice memos. The digital workplace has constantly evolved though the years with the adoption of intranets and extranets for communication and collaboration, and the use of knowledge repositories to capture intellectual capital. It continues to evolve today with telephones being replaced by voice over IP capabilities through unified communications, and more recently with disruptive technologies like mobile, social, and consumer-like apps being embraced by business. The digital workplace essentially replaces the physical tools of business with their electronic counterparts. more

Beyond Marketing: Leveraging Social Listening to Drive Business Performance

Social media listening to understand company and product sentiment, brand awareness, and product penetration has been firmly established as a critical tool for social-savvy consumer Marketing departments. Command centers glisten with strategically positioned high-definition monitors graphing trends in product mentions, tracking the real-time impact of marketing campaigns, and flashing alerts for immediate response to a customer inquiry or complaint. more