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Web Summit 2015: The Tech World Musings from Dublin

Grown from the 400 attendees five years back to the current 42000 tech enthusiasts, the Web Summit 2015 delivered innovative ideas and fascinating thoughts to the tech world gathered at the bustling RDS venue, Dublin. The three- day long, 21 summit, 1000+ speakers technology mega conference in Dublin, Ireland started with great enthusiasm and dynamics from the attendees from all over the world. The annual networking event with world-class speakers and fascinating talks, workshops presented a great opportunity for all the attendees including me from Happiest Minds, to meet countless like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs at Dublin. This year also the Summit topic was centered on internet technology and the participants range from CEO’s and Founders of Fortune 500 companies to the world’s most exciting technology Startups. more

How Major Brands Will Use Social Media Big Data in 2015 for Marketing

Social Media is a reservoir of robust amount of data both, structured and unstructured. The outcome of the extent brands will tap into them to generate actionable insights to optimize their marketing initiatives is limitless. From registering customer footfalls, brands have gone an extra mile to monitor their behavior to enhance their experience in this digitally transforming ecosystem. That being said, what will the future of Social Media look like for the users and marketers? more

The Internet of Things is Vulnerable!

A recent study shows that 70% of devices connected to the Internet of Things used unencrypted network services to relay information. In the world of PCs and mobile devices, security is well addressed.
The Internet of Things is vulnerable more

Uncovering Value in Telecom using Big Data Analytics

Are you listening to the right voices?
Growth in the telecom industry is always at a staggering rate. Thanks to continuous rise in customer churn, high operational costs and average customer service, telecom companies are forever at the receiving end of all kinds of technological changes & customer expectations.
Uncovering value in  Telecom using Big Data Analytics more