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Emerge 50 Analysis Mirrors the Findings of the Start-up Report

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Funding slowdown in tech start-ups – a curse or a boon??

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FinTech – The Next Big Revolution

Being a HealthIT evangelist, when someone chooses to write on Financial Technology, it is indicative that Fintech is the talk of the town. And why shouldn’t it be? Fintech as a sector is bullish in India. Today, fintech is disrupting financial services just like e-commerce changed the face of retail, and is likely to have far more widespread impact on society and the Indian economy, both directly and indirectly. The total Fintech software and services market is valued at ~USD 8 billion, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~15 percent 2016-2020 (3X the global average growth). Driven by mobile proliferation, increasing emphasis on financial inclusion, and digital savvy consumers, financial technologies are here to stay. Given below are some of the key highlights of the sector: more

Payments Landscape in India- Solidifying the financial transaction process

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Nasscom Product Conclave Kolkata 2016: Key Highlights

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3 ways in which Information Technology can improve healthcare in India

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