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Managing in Turbulent Times: by CK Prahalad

What a fitting event to end to the whole program. It was a great one by CK. To be honest he was not at his best, I have heard him before (@ Interops last year) – I guess all that travel and jetlag and also the anxiety of catching the return flight in couple of hours from them didn’t help either I guess. Nevertheless was really good one and very informative. Let me summarize the points I got in the ensuing paragraphs. more

Doing more with less – how outsourcing players are going green?

By Chris Mines of Forrester, Paul Coby, British Airways and Sanjiv Puri, ITC infotech and chaired by MR Rangaswamy of Sandhill. more

Shashi Tharoor awed the crowd – just unbelievable!!!

(Mr. Tharoor is former UN Under Secretary General, Fellow USC Center on Public Diplomacy). What a way to start the day with the spotlight with Tharoor. The last whole two days was spent in doom and gloom and were taught ways to tackle the deep impending recession and all being worried about how to keep our high paying jobs, that luxury lifestyle, those rich luxury cars and what not and then comes Tharoor who very subtly got us to the reality of what India is what % of population is below poverty line, and what % of people can afford 3 square meals and how we had to explicitly ship gold out of our harbor to repay the loan, how getting a land line was a luxury, the socialism that existed, the burecracy and the license raj and how people suffered for 4 ½ decades after independence for a proper job and how restless people got due to lack of a job, how subsidies killed the economy and how India became a land of paradoxes, the queues, lack or productivity etc etc and how life changed in the next 10 to 15 years and how comfortable people are living today after the liberalization – listening to all these I don’t think Indians should worry about the recession atall and does not mean that capitalism or liberalization failed and in fact it is the reverse, more and more Indians got employed and has empowered each one them to an extent business has been doing good for all. more

Day 3 @ NILF – what to expect and what are exciting?

Hi good morning everyone. I am glad to be back to the 3rd and final day @ NILF. Had such a lovely experience in both the spotlight sessions yesterday – one in the morning by Narayan Murthy and one in the evening by Pankaj Ghemawat, just makes all the time and energy you spent to come here worthwhile. more

Not quite flat out for growth: a hard new look at the economics of global sourcing by Pankaj Ghemawat

This session was really refreshing one and I was confident about this session as I have had read articles of Pankaj in Harvard Business Review and they were all very top class and was in fact looking forward for this one. more

No Geek, all Latin – where will CTOs spend their $$$ over the next three years

By Mike Connly of United Health Group, Peter Coffee of SalesForce, Sara Garrison of Sabre Holding. Peter talked about how new investments are going to be in cloud and he explained how cloud technology is far better than the existing on-premise technology and even explained the “0-1-infinity” model of the cloud which I have covered in one of my other blogs. The figures he showed are that 62% will use SaaS this year and 68% project SaaS in vertical applications in the next 2 years. more