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4 key trends within the Engineering Services market

Companies often require a variety of specialized engineering services when developing a new product, process, or a service. This includes concept development, design elements, prototyping of the product or service itself, plus the infrastructure, equipment, and processes involved in their manufacture, maintenance, or delivery. more

Manufacturing in a Smart, Connected, Information-Driven World

The recent ARC India Forum in Bangalore provided delegates with a visionary look at the future of industry and automation, with a focus on smart, information-driven manufacturing.  ARC Advisory Group Vice President, Dr. Valentijn de Leeuw’s keynote presentation was entitled, “Smart Manufacturing Paves the Way for the Future of the Industry”.  Dr. de Leeuw’s presentation stressed that the IoT is more than just a concept by providing specific examples and case studies.  He addressed the status and challenges of advanced economies; whether to focus on innovation or efficiency; and if Smart Manufacturing is the right solution to tackle these issues. more