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HR in the Digital Age: HR Annual Survey trends

Digital is the current buzzword that is cutting across every facet of our life. Be it our PM’s dream project of Digital India , the huge bombardment of gadgets and gizmos or the Facebooks and Twitters of the world, one cannot miss the enormous surge of digital overhauling our whole life. In the business world too Digital has affected every domain, vertical, and service. How can then HR be left behind. more

BPM in the teens: Is it going to be smooth sailing?

What is BPM? Is it the same as BPO? Then what is ITES? Doesn’t it entail only voice-based call-center work? Then how is it different from a call center?  All these varied questions still keep erupting in a lay man’s mind even after over a decade of the industry’s existence.
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FY2015: Re-defining the Indian IT-BPM Workforce

NASSCOM recently conducted a dip-stick survey of its member firms to assess the effect of the continuously changing business environment on hiring trends and provide an outlook for FY2015. The survey identified interesting insights regarding key HR priorities of the industry, defining its operational metrics and showcasing technology as a key differentiator for the segment. more

Resurgence of the Europe growth saga – Part 2

Part 1 of this blog series dwelt upon how Europe has evolved as a major market for Indian IT service vendors. There is an immense opportunity for growth with more than 75 per cent of IT services in Europe being done in-house. more

Resurgence of the Europe growth saga – Part I

The USD 118 billion Indian IT-BPM industry which always had US as its key market is expected to gain traction from European countries, specifically Continental Europe in the coming years. Europe is expected to take center-stage, with increasing acceptance of offshoring, rising discretionary spending and a robust demand environment, along with social, mobility, analytics and cloud (SMAC) computing technology services becoming mainstream in 2014. more

IT-BPM industry: Third quarter results- pre-empting a rosy future

It is that time of the year when we take stock of the year gone by and ponder over the future scenario. Holding up a mirror to the IT-BPM industry last quarter, reflected a mixed bag of sometimes cautious while sometimes positive and outcomes. more