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Will the real innovators please stand up?

The Nasscom Foundation did a great job of honoring companies who showed exemplary social responsibility commitment, innovation and use of social change leveraging technology. A great start to recognizing companies and government organizations many of whom remain in the recesses of the industry largely unheard of. more

Lessons from around us

Yesterday’s early evening session on leadership looking outwards was interesting particularly in its selection of speakers and the companies they represented. India’s foremost software provider TCS, India’s leading two wheeler manufacturer Bajaj and global consulting, technology and outsourcing provider Capgemini. The views were as diverse as the companies on stage but there were three key lessons that I picked up: more

See you in Amchi Mumbai next year?

It’s good to be back at NASSCOM’s Leadership Forum. Right from the time you check in at Bangalore International Airport you see familiar faces! Chances are the person next to you on the aircraft is also heading there. But is this forum sustainable in its current form and shape? I’m not questioning the great networking opportunity and the coverage of topics, speakers and content. It’s just about basic lack of infrastructure. more

“Prepare for the worst, hope for the best”

Considering the fact that recession and slowdown [and even depression] is at the top of everyone’s minds, the air at the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum seems very optimistic. At least everyone is still smiling. And there are 1250 delegates present. more

All aboard the NASSCOM Annual jamboree

As I walked into the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum in Mumbai, I bumped into a smiling Sangeeta Gupta – Vice President at NASSCOM and one of the longest serving members of this apex industry body. Looks can be deceptive because under the cool exterior is palpable tension. The workshops have just begun and the main event is about 90 minutes away. Not surprising for an event organizer considering last minute apprehensions, demanding requests and so on. Everything that goes on behind the scenes but not obvious to any delegate. It’s not easy when you are managing 1250 delegates and 50 staff – most of them temporary and hired. Welcome to NILF which opened yesterday [February 11, 2009] once again without a hitch. more

Should I go?

In this age when companies are sensitive about costs, it’s always painful to make that decision to attend a conference especially if it is not in your city. Most conference brochures are attractive and themes sound promising but the nagging question is: will you get the bang for your buck? Here are some pointers to help you decide more