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NILF, Destiny & my Brush with Mr. Bachchan

I had flown in directly to Mumbai from Kashmir, cutting short a family reunion, for a purpose that was bigger than most that I had been confronted with in the recent past. For long, we had been trying to pitch for Mr. Amitabh Bachchan to accept the NASSCOM Global Indian Award and finally he wanted to know more about it. I had to honour the request. more

NILF 2013: A crash course in crises management

For me, the week of trepidations is over finally. more

Imagining & Engineering – Giving Future a Chance

To say the least, one gets restless if the situations don’t unfold as expected. The desire to comprehend the present is natural. But I guess, it is even more unsettling, if what you are walking into is blurred. Therefore I presume that for businesses, the present landscape is not very flattering, especially for the leaders who are also expected to visualize and seed the field of the future. more

If there is merit in learning from others’ experiences, then let ‘Experience’ share wisdom with the ‘New’!

A milestone must leave behind a legacy. So when we meet to celebrate the 20th edition of the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum in Mumbai between Feb 14 and 16, we want to get the best leaders who created the industry to meet the best of the future. We want to use this opportunity to create a platform where experience can share wisdom with the new. more

Twenty is a great age to be!: NILF

At 20, NILF has the experience of the ‘starting years of inexperience’ and the maturity of purpose, for the years to come.

Are you aware that you are standing in a twilight zone!

Sample this: The maiden web-casting of the election process in Kerala found resonance in the cyber world with at least 3,783 persons across the globe logging on to the chief electoral officer’s website to watch democracy in action. This new-look politics isn’t surprising given that businesses are already using tools to personalize Webcasts and build custom Webcasting applications, enabling viewers to interact with presenters, communicate with other Webcast participants, and much more. more