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4-Steps to Sales Efficiency

People buy from people not organizations is cliché. In technology industry and outsourcing world the situation may however be somewhat different. People first look for the right Solution, then look to verify on the ability to deliver the solution and then lean on relationship to make things work – in the management jargon, I would call this as partnering with your vendor and making it win-win and still call this relationship ship buying/selling. In reality has anyone ever made a large purchase without shopping around to see what others may be offering? more

5-steps to a Lean Sales Budget

Most organizations at the time of preparing balance sheet and P&L statements report their SG&A expenses separately and needless to say, want this number as low as possible, as it is always considered an overhead or an avoidable. This is so for large companies and there is no reason why small and medium sized businesses would be any different. In short, irrespective of the size of your organization, the sales budget is always limited and always a constraint. So what do you do? How do you maximize your sales efforts with this minimum budget – here are my 5-steps to work with lean and mean sales budget. more

Entrepreneur Strategy Essentials – 10 Commandments (Part III) Operational Efficiency

Part III – Operational Efficiency

I have had fortune of observing several organizations – there was nothing wrong with these organizations, they were delivering fantastic results andOp Efficiency2 all stakeholders were happy with the performance. However, for some reason, I always felt that these organizations had the potential to deliver performance several notches above. This always reminded me of two very popular management quotes – one, whatever gets measured, gets done and the second one, you get what you ask for. To me, this forms the premise of this concluding part of the series “Building Operational Efficiency”. more

Entrepreneur Strategy Essentials – 10 Commandments (Part 2) Build the Organization

Part II – Build the Organization

Building Organization-2In the first part of this three-part series, I spoke about the three items related to “Build the Product” namely – Understand the Customer, Understand the Competition and Identify Differentiators (Value Proposition). All these elements contribute to building a product that will have some unique capabilities (at least for some time until competition catches up), will appeal to your customers giving the necessary edge over competition. Having built the right product, it is no important on building the right organization. Recall that in my first part, I had mentioned the need to dream big and having your eyes set on building a large organization even when you start small. Here are few elements that are important for building this futuristic large organization: more

Entrepreneur Strategy Essentials – The 10 Commandments (Part I) Build the Product

Early stages of being an entrepreneur is probably the most difficult period, this is also the time when everyone will liberally offer advice on what entrepreneur “should” do. Listen to all and do what is right for the venture. I would also say that it is important to dream BIG and start SMALL, what that means is that as you build the organization, always build it for a scale.Entrepreneur_Strategy_Essentials_part1
This will ensure that you are always perceived BIG by everyone and more importantly will avoid lot of growth pangs in future. Keeping this mind this series of articles provide a view of TEN most important pieces (not in specific order of importance) that any entrepreneur or for that matter any organization must follow. more