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Secret Sauce of Generating Exponential Value in a Startup – Passion Driven Work

This is a story of a startup based in India. I worked there in senior leadership role. The key USP of the company was its focus on technology innovation, thought-leadership, encourage people to become authority in their respective field and flat hierarchy. Flat hierarchy for this simple reason – it can be one of the biggest blocker for empowerment, innovation and decision-making in a startup. By having flat roles you can build a self-organized and empowered team, which then can take its own decisions. more

Agile Thinking: How Can I Help You?

One of the key fundamental elements of Agile is its focus on delivering a testable or demonstrable end-to-end functional slice that provides business value. This approach is the key catalyst of some behavioural, cultural, and structural changes. more

Why Startup Founders look for “Already Performing Teams” These Days?

Currently we are witnessing a “Startup Revolution” in the technology world. The focus is more on business idea and its implementation rather than on tools (programming language, technology frameworks etc) to accomplish it. Previously only large IT companies used to survive in this market as they only had necessary eco-system, tools and infrastructure in building software applications. more