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Setting the WWW Free – This Day, That Year

There are some things which are so basic to our existence that we just take them for granted. Would it be a stretch to propose that Oxygen and World Wide Web fall in that category? Perhaps not. Arguably though, the instant recall of both Joseph Priestly (discovered Oxygen in 1774) and Tim-Berners Lee (invented the World Wide Web in 1989) would be a stretch for many. Two hundred and nineteen years separate the two dates, and yet, they are bound by the common thread of indispensability. more

Reportage from the Valley, Day 3 – Campus Visits and Experiential Learning

A big hello to my readers who have been following these brief updates daily. Two solid days of sessions, and spent indoors, paved the way for campus visits to Apple, Google and Facebook. All these companies have attained cult-like status. Their annual revenues are greater than the GDPs of many countries and the sheer number of individuals that they impact, would put them a notch higher than several densely populated nations. Call it the binding force, the glue, stickiness factor or what you will, but perhaps it would not be too brazen to even challenge Karl Marx and his apt observation back then, about religion being the “opium of the masses.” Arguably, and after 150 years, it is technology that may have well replaced religion as the new binding force. Would it sound blasphemous, if I compared these modern day Head Quarters to popular places of worship? The high citadels where only geeks kowtow! more

Reportage from the Valley, Day 2 – We are Moving Into Deep Waters Now

The first day of any large conference is usually marked by strict form, as people get acclimatized to the situation. At Menlo Park on Day 2, right at the start as participants moved about briskly and purposefully, it was evident that a certain degree of comfort and familiarity had set in, kid gloves were off and sleeves rolled up in a state of preparedness, awaiting the opportunity to be part of the deep-dives which were to follow. Mr. R Chandrasekhar, the President of NASSCOM delivered the opening remarks and touched briefly on the NASSCOM Product Conclave, a hotbed of new ideas and ventures that get unearthed every year. A toast of sorts, to the spirit of entrepreneurship. We moved on to the first panel discussion of the day, “Building a Great Enterprise Startup.” more

Reportage from the Valley – Day 1 at NASSCOM Innotrek, an Opportunity Beckons

The opening day of any global event is always filled with excitement and anticipation. That’s nothing new. What is unique, is the sheer palpability of the said range of emotions that inextricably accompanies its wake. Huge excitement paired with dollops of anticipation, which continue to soar like helium filled balloons. It was no different at Innotrek today, a NASSCOM 10K driven initiative which saw the best of minds in the tech entrepreneurial space congregate at the valley. Incidentally, this was the second edition of an event which in all likelihood will achieve an iconic status soon, given its intense fan following and popularity. It was to be the perfect stage for startups to connect with those who have achieved a significant degree of success, and are in a position to share insights. more

Analytics in India – Demystifying the web behind the data

About a year back, the global numbers for the Analytics software market was pegged at 42 billion USD, growing at 10% CAGR, and expected to touch 73 in the next five years. It is envisaged that the Indian analytics software and services opportunity – bullish right now – will clock in a 300% growth by 2020, from its current level of 1 billion USD. more

India- The Startup Nation

The recently released NASSCOM India Startup report sports the tagline – Momentous Rise of the Indian Startup Ecosystem. The kind of growth (40%) that we have witnessed in the last 5 years is nothing short of exactly that – momentous! It is precisely this kind of growth (4200 tech startups today) which has placed India in third position globally, as increasingly we see young entrepreneurs in droves, respond to the clarion call of “Startup Nation.” more