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Personalisation- the new ingredient in BFSI Marketing

The BFSI space is undergoing a digital transformation. Its becoming eminently clear that mobile and e-channels will drive the next wave of banking. Linked to this transformation seems to be two dominant themes that are hogging the CXO mindshare. For one, BFSI players have recognized the need to make their digital assets much more transaction centric. Secondly, and focus of this article, they want to use the rich data available with them to drive customer experience on the brand’s owned digital assets more

Personalized marketing with a DMP – a use case for banks

Banking is a curious industry with a unique dynamic in terms of demand and supply. The marketing needs of banks are not exactly the same as an e-commerce brand or an airline brand. Banks have all the data they need on their customers – their demographics, transaction behavior, the products they purchase, etc. – gathered from various online and offline channels. more