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Road to recovery?

NILF is the place to network with industry colleagues and on the opening day I had a chance to catch up with many of the “early birds”. The mood was definitely buoyant and eveyrone I met felt that in the last two months the sentiments had changed. For some it has resulted in business, others are seeing increased traction. more

Strategy according to Rajiv Bajaj

Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director, Bajaj Auto, and panelist in the discussion on Why looking outward is the leader’s job, had a succinct description of what strategy was- it is the alignment of the front end with the back end; it is more about what you choose not to do rather than what you choose to do.
We’ve heard the 2nd point often, however, it was his conviction about the alignment of the front end and back end that was very interesting. Alluding to Baja Auto’s decision to brand itself as a maker of sport, sexy bikes ( from being synonymous with sccoters) and creating the back end capabilities to back the claim, Rajiv reiterated the need to stay focused on a differentiated core and not get carried away by “irrelevant” market opportunities. In fact, he smartly answered a question posed regarding whether he rued not having entered the IT field. On the contrary, watching the IT industry grow from strength to strength motivated him to build his company into a more strong and profitable entity, he said. more

The Cap Gemini brand of humour

The panel discussion -Why looking outward is the leader’s job- today was pretty interesting- first, the profile of panelists was highly complementary- we had Chandra from TCS- solid and backing his arguments with logic and experiences from his context, Rajiv Bajaj, a refreshing addition to the panel- as an outsider he gave a different perspective. But the surprise package, to me at least, was Paul Hermelin, Group CEO, Cap Gemini. more

The cloud is here to stay

was the clear message of panelists in the Road Ahead session – Working in the Cloud: the business factors, drivers and values of the cloud” on the opening day of NILF 2010. Stephanie Moore, CMO, UST Global and former Forrester analyst explained how the drivers for cloud computing were similar to those that drove outsourcing. She also gave examples of opportunities for service providers in the cloud space- managed services, integration & customization opportunities and aggregation. William Bauman of CA said that cloud computing was a disruptive trend akin to the internet and earlier distrivuted computing. more

NILF 2010 beckoning

On Tuesday, Feb 9, a day from now, NILF 2010 would have started. I am looking forward, as always, to being a part of the event that I have been attending for several years now. This year’s event holds special significance as it appears the industry has turned the corner, and there are definite signs of companies emerging from the clutches of the recession. more

A fitting finale- Prahlad’s pearls of wisdom

The third day started on a bright note with Tharoor and ended on an equally positive note with C K Prahlad. While Prahlad’s talk was admittedly more “heavy” and his presentation was replete with frameworks and concepts, at the end of the day, the message was loud and clear. Indian IT is poised; in a downturn, more than ever before, IT can play a strategic role, and India must take advantage of this to leapfrog to the next level. more