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Corridor conversations- the good, the bad and the ugly of NILF 2009

Three days is a long time and 1200 delegates ( the figure provided by NASSCOM) is a not insignificant  number. So, do the math on the number of possible corridor conversations and consequently the range of opinions on this edition of NILF. more

We’ve made it count; eleven so far and more to come– the story of Aegis

I read recently that Aegis, the BPO division of the Essar group, had won the NASSCOM Innovation award this year. I had not then found out then what initiative had fetched them this award. Today, I found out during the afternoon session showcasing four award winners- Aegis, Persistent Systems, Dhrishti Software and India gaming. more

Join the Shashi Tharoor fan club………..

I must state upfront that I am a great fan of Tharoor and his writings and so my views may be biased. In fact, I was delighted to know that he had agreed to speak at NILF 2009 and my colleagues Anita and Jayanthi had a lot of fun at my expense this morning as I was all anticipation. But even I was not prepared for what followed. more

Pankaj’s perspectives – Revenue per person is key

This was a session I was keenly looking forward to, given Ghemawat’s pedigree and his views on globalization. While the topic he spoke on did not give much scope to discuss whether the world is flat, and if it did matter, it was insightful nonetheless, and very well delivered. more

Great moderation and good analyst gyan

I have come to NILF for many years now; every year we have sessions where industry analysts are supposed to share insights. However, year after year, the feeling you go back with is that they have done nothing excepting reusing some canned research of their firm. This year, however, it was different. The session, Market Spiral: Bottoming Out? anchored by Rajendra Pawar, Chairman, NIIT gave us a fair number of insights on what one can expect both in IT services and BPO markets in the next 12 – 18 months. more

The search for emerging verticals continues……

Am still searching for ideas on emerging verticals, well after attending a session supposedly meant to give the audience some examples of relatively undiscovered verticals. more