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What wasnt said: Web2.0 – Dazzling, but not Real.

What wasnt said: Web2.0 – Dazzling, but not Real. more

Have We ignored the SMEs Altogether?

SME: Wondering if you are an SME? Read here more

The Only Topic and Two happy companies.

As part of the delegate kit, everyone is given an agenda that nicely folds and fits into your suit pocket. Thats the most valuable tool that is being used here, moreso than all the RFIDs, panels and huge display banners that are found all over. Its a nice touch and shows in a gist how you can write topics in such elaborate manners that it could almost qualify for thesis titles. An honest feedback to the team would be to make that shorter next time – not more than a word or two in length (Eg. Focus. Visioneering. Leadership. New Markets) and group related topics all under one head, and there is a reason why I am saying it. more

NILF: Where the Tycoons come to Dance

So, we are all at the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, and right from the gentle welcome of the hospitable Grand Hyatt crew (they offered to take care of our bags while we participate in the conference – and for no charge, mind you!), this conference seems to be buzzing with the energy. more