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The imperative for Indian BPM players to shift to cloud first, analytics first

Modern offshoring was invented in India. Enabled by revolutionary new technology in global telecommunications and data transfer at the end of the 20th Century, India’s technology and business services industry was a disruptive force across the globe. The industry thrived with its new business models and forced companies around the world and in a range of industries to rethink their own. Now the Indian companies that championed this growth era have become the incumbents. They face a new disruptive force — digital technology. They must now anticipate how their markets will change and adapt to new business models. more

Success Mantras for the Indian BPM Industry

The BPM industry is undergoing fundamental changes, brought on by uncertain macro-economic conditions, regulatory requirements, emerging as well as disruptive technologies, and evolving customer requirements. In response to these changing requirements, BPM companies are transforming their businesses to include newer service offerings and developing new business models in response to these changes. The business paradigm has therefore evolved to meet market volatilities, coupled with technology adoption and automation. While the need for cost reduction remains, client organizations also have been compelled to become more agile and responsive. more

Seizing the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Opportunity

Today enterprises are challenged by tectonic shifts in nearly every aspect of their businesses – economic, technology, demographic, and consumer preferences to name a few. To help them meet these challenges, organizations are adopting technology and automation solutions to enable best-in-class Business Process Management (BPM) outcomes. One technology gaining rapid favor is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). more

Make in India, sell in India, buy from India

Because we are the world’s largest and fastest growing open global marketplace more