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Generation Z and Cybersecurity: Can Businesses Balance Both?

A fundamental characteristic of a successful company is its ability to know what the future looks like. Whether through financial planning, transformation goals or long-term business strategy, it is essential to get a handle on the business challenges of tomorrow, as well as those of today. more

IoT Security and Protecting Connected Cars

Ever imagined on owning a car that can drive by itself; that not just determines the fastest route for you through its navigation system, but also finds the most fuel efficient one; that automatically registers for its servicing and renews its insurance; that is smart enough to prevent accidents by assessing driver’s vital functions and alerting the travelers of the potential problems; that drives on its own through traffic jams and highways. Yes, it is no more just a dream car. This disruption is already in progress through the integration of Internet of Things. more

Defending Advanced Persistent Threats – Be Better Prepared to Face the Worst

We often hear news about emerging cyber security threats and attacks impacting every industry. With advanced malwares, zero day exploits and persistent threats, cyber-attacks are now becoming very sophisticated in nature. more

6 Data Protection & Privacy Best Practices for IT Service Providers

Data Privacy is a hot topic in the world today; People are increasingly concerned about what data they share with the external world. The reality, many don’t even realize that a lot of their personal information is already widely shared through the usage of various mobile apps. more

Common, but fatal errors in software assignment and license agreements (and other copyright agreements) in India

For any commercial agreement dealing with transfer of property (a tangible or an intangible property), it is essential to set out the terms and conditions of the transfer cautiously. The present article highlights some fatal errors that occur when parties entering in agreements for commercialization of copyrights either by way of assignments or licensesignoreimportantstatutory principles with respect to mode of transfer prescribed under the Indian copyright law. more

Combating Cybersecurity Threats through Risk Assessment and Compliance

Technologies are evolving, getting complex by the day; so are cyber security risks. Businesses operating in an interconnected, digital world are wholly dependent on technology to drive profitability, and thus need to be aware of imminent threats in the technology landscape. Most of today’s attacks are multi-channel and multi-layered, making a thorough assessment of a business’s vulnerabilities imperative. Risk assessment not only helps identify gaps and take corrective measures in time, but also ensures that businesses invest their money and time in the right areas, reducing costs and improving efficiency. more