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5 key takeaways from NASSCOM ILF 2015 around the amazing world of digital

NASSCOM’s ILF 2015 is always a great place to meetup with the Industry crowd and share insights. This time around, it was a great opportunity to glean insights on the amazing world of Digital.
5 key takeaways from NASSCOM ILF 2015 around the amazing world of digital more

NILF 2013: A crash course in crises management

For me, the week of trepidations is over finally. more

Insights from Nasscom Leadership Forum – global citizenship, the old, the new, cross-generation and nostalgia

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Can you help a true friend of Nasscom to get better?

If you are a regular at the Nasscom India Leadership Forum, held every February in Mumbai, then you must surely know Alex Blues. Alex is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world in the field of outsourcing, with a track record  that includes being a partner at PA Consulting, a Director at KPMG, a director at Orbys, and he was once the European head of Syntel. more

What brings delegates to NILF?

Three days of deliberations at NILF 2011. As I walked into the halls and looked at all those heads listening in rapt attention to the speakers, I thought, what is it that gets so many people to an event like this – what would their expectations be? Unlike the World Economic Forum, where you have heavy weights walking the corridors and delegates jumping on board to “be seen”  at the right place at the right time, NILF is more targeted at the software industry and does not have a snob value for people with a stiffer upper lip. So what bring the industry there? more

Reboot the CIO

Think for a moment about how this industry is changing. more