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Payments Landscape in India- Solidifying the financial transaction process

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Setting the WWW Free – This Day, That Year

There are some things which are so basic to our existence that we just take them for granted. Would it be a stretch to propose that Oxygen and World Wide Web fall in that category? Perhaps not. Arguably though, the instant recall of both Joseph Priestly (discovered Oxygen in 1774) and Tim-Berners Lee (invented the World Wide Web in 1989) would be a stretch for many. Two hundred and nineteen years separate the two dates, and yet, they are bound by the common thread of indispensability. more

Emerging trend: Rise of virtual POS devices in the country

Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) stated that it is in discussions with the government to reduce cash usage in the system and effect a transition towards a cashless economy. Clubbed with the Digital India initiative of the Government of India that aims at delivering government services to citizens electronically, one hopes that more and more people are weaned away from cash transactions towards e-payments. more

Hype to Reality- 3 Challenges for IoT

While I talked about demand side heating up for IoT in my previous blog, the supply side has seen steady investments over the last decade for both enterprise and consumer markets. Cisco and IBM were early adopters of IoT and have been working on their respective initiatives “Internet of Everything” and “Smarter Planet” since the late 2000s. The rise of consumer wearables and smart objects such as Pebble, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Fitbit, Nest (bought by Google), Amazon Echo, HTC Vive have rubbed off on the enterprise space. A range of companies have entered the market in the last five years to create a business IoT stack as well—developing MEMS chips and IoT devices, providing infrastructure, and building platforms and applications. more

Tamper-proofing Question Papers With Digital Technologies

Question paper leakages and the subsequent rescheduling of examinations are now the burning issue in the education sector. Many such instances have grabbed the media headlines recently. Let us look at how digital technology can address this challenge. 


Personalisation- the new ingredient in BFSI Marketing

The BFSI space is undergoing a digital transformation. Its becoming eminently clear that mobile and e-channels will drive the next wave of banking. Linked to this transformation seems to be two dominant themes that are hogging the CXO mindshare. For one, BFSI players have recognized the need to make their digital assets much more transaction centric. Secondly, and focus of this article, they want to use the rich data available with them to drive customer experience on the brand’s owned digital assets more