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Vignettes of NILF 2010

As I look back on the just concluded NILF 2010, some memories stand out more clearly than others, having made a distinct impression on me. Like being in the wash room and seeing Som Mittal come in, haggard, shoulders stooped, looking tired to the bone. After the usual visit to the urinals, he approached the sinks, washed his hands, whipped off his glasses and washed his face vigorously. The he wiped his face, placed his glasses back on, squared his shoulders and held his head up. He then walked out the door jauntily, refreshed and energized, seemingly ready for anything. Love his spirit, and that of the NASSCOM team… more

KPMG comes together with NASSCOM for Gala Evening

The NASSCOM Gala Evening is guaranteed to be the hottest ticket in town. Your conference registration gives you exclusive access to an evening of celebration. The Gala Evening at NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2010 is the culmination of second action-packed. It’s your chance to celebrate a great day, blow off steam, and enjoy the high-energy sounds. more

Reasons for becoming NASSCOM 2010 Partners

  1. Brand Positioning – Onsite Branding, Collateral Branding, Website branding, Mailers, Newspaper advertisements, Post event DVD
  2. Media Coverage – International Publications like Financial Times, Business Week and The Economist
  3. Networking – Opportunity to network before, during and post event through NASSCOM Connect; un-conference and social evenings. Meet with key industry speakers from across the globe
  4. Global Touch – Global Leadership Awards/ Gain overview of Global IT BPO market, Delegations from across the globe
  5. Speaker – Wide spectrum of speakers. Hear analysts, government, Industry & Non Industry, Global Heads
  6. Business Promotion – Building Alliance
  7. Value for Money – Reach out to 1500 people, 800 companies under one roof

For further information click here to download the NASSCOM 2010 Presentation more

Looking Ahead: New Ideas, New Directions

The last one year has been a transformational one for the IT-BPO industry, having ridden the severe downturn and now showing early signs of recovery. Unarguably, it was a rather trying period as time tested strategies and professional reputations took a beating, even as we witnessed the mighty fall and fail, not hitherto seen in the past 80 years. Less than a year back, in the last edition of NASSCOM 2009 in Mumbai, there were questions in the minds of participants, on issues like security, downturn and market volatility as we witnessing unforeseen challenges. Most were gearing up for a long drawn battle with enthusiasm and positivity in their hearts. Of course, it would be too ambitious to say that we have overcome all challenges, but surely these times have taught us to think differently. For years on end, managers apt at handling double digit growth were suddenly faced with an alien situation where even negative growth was a reality. Ideas which worked so well for decades, were simply put on the backburner as mere survival superseded all other goals, for many. more

Who says the Indian IT/Tech industry is boring? Check out these music/dance videos…

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This adage is true for the Indian IT & tech industry as well. The team at NASSCOM works SO HARD all the year around giving the industry a purposeful direction and keeping it a torch bearer for the Indian economy. The economic downturn, Satyam saga etc notwithstanding, surely those guys deserve a break sometimes. more

Concluding Remarks by Som Mittal at NILF 2009

I take this opportunity to thank each one of you for supporting NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2009 and helping us make it a great success. more