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NASSCOM ILF 2013: Nordics Countries – The new role model economies

The new role model economies: The Nordic countries – Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland – have had status as safe havens in the financial markets during a period when investors' risk appetite has been at rock bottom.

Insights from Nasscom Leadership Forum – global citizenship, the old, the new, cross-generation and nostalgia

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Can you help a true friend of Nasscom to get better?

If you are a regular at the Nasscom India Leadership Forum, held every February in Mumbai, then you must surely know Alex Blues. Alex is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world in the field of outsourcing, with a track record  that includes being a partner at PA Consulting, a Director at KPMG, a director at Orbys, and he was once the European head of Syntel. more

The social media wedding

A lot of people have been asking me about my recent wedding. If you were not aware, I organised it all using Facebook and the guests were live tweeting the event during the day. It was filmed by the BBC and featured as part of a radio show called “A Secret History of Social Networking”… more

Are you partnering with your customer?

Day 1 @NILF 2011 –One interesting session that I attended today was the one called “New Normal for Customer-Vendor Relationships: the imperatives” with the speakers being Rajesh Nambiar – VP & GM of Global Delivery @ IBM and Matt Idle, Credit, Operations Director @British Gas. The two spoke about what was needed today to handle the changing market context. According to Rajesh, emerging markets, lower financial leverage and prolonged uncertainty have been instrumental in bringing about sweeping changes in the IT industry. Some of the changes that he talks about were the concept of Frugal innovation, sharing know how rather than keeping it exclusive, nimble operating models, improving resource productivity through usage of cloud etc and being a true partner to the customer. In this context, he also talked about the current buzzword – outcome based models where service providers bank on their understanding of the customer’s industry and business and hence agree to put skin in the game. more

NASSCOM Foundation Contest winners announced!

We are glad to announce that the following have been selected as the three individual winners for the prize of ‘Gifting Software worth Rs. 40,000 to any one Indian Non-Profit of your choice’ more