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BREXIT impact on IT Industry in India

The Brexit verdict coming up this week has the world on edge. The exact nature and extent of the impact if Brexit happens will emerge over a longer period of two years or more, during which the terms of exit and future relationship with EU are worked out. An initial analysis indicates that the impact on India’s technology sector may be mixed; clearly negative in the short term and harder to discern in the longer term – with either scenario having some positive and some negative points. more

Digital, Software Defined Networks, and Cybersecurity are Driving IT Spending in 2015

Key highlights from a recent biannual survey of 300 US and European IT decision makers spread across multiple industry verticals and representing enterprises of various sizes, are outlined below- more

Location Services, Mobile Apps and Personalization: Digital Transformation of the Customer Experience

According to the KPCB Internet Trends Report 2015, the number of mobile phone users in the world over is 5.2 billion, with around 40 percent being smartphone users. With tablet computers also commonplace and wearable devices along with the Internet of Things revolution just around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before the number of mobile devices far outnumbers the number of human beings on the planet.Mobile devices provide three key triggers for transformation and disruption of the status quo: Location Services, Mobile Apps and Personalization. Each of these triggers has resulted in a huge improvement in the customer experience. more

5 key takeaways from Q4FY15 Indian IT-BPM industry results

On paper, what happened in the last quarter of FY2015 was unsettling, to say the least. Industry growth was flat lined over last quarter (Q3FY15), profitability recorded a marginal decline despite an appreciating dollar, and forward looking commentary from leading companies also gave mixed signals. Look closer though, and some interesting facts emerge. more

GICs in India: Catalysing Digital Transformation

This is the second part to the blog titled GICs in India: Then and NowA different set of competencies usually spawn, during change. For an India GIC today, there has been a major shift in perception itself. The harbingers were clamouring for a while. A model purely based on cost arbitrage was likely to stagnate beyond a point. Riding on millions of man hours and painstakingly harnessing domain expertise & process excellence alike, India GICs today are well poised to showcase high-end competency. Change gains prominence through new governance structure, stronger interplay of digital technology and an increased focus on R&D. It is no more just about perception alone. India GICs are actually enabling digital transformation for their parent firms, and uniquely re-positioning themselves in the competency matrix. more

GICs in India: Then and Now

The GIC story in India continues on its growth path – a segment that started out as an afterthought to facilitate lower cost has now emerged as an imperative. In the process, it has become a key segment of India’s IT-BPM industry in terms of revenue & employment generated and its value addition to the parent firm. more