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Nasscom Product Conclave Kolkata 2016: Key Highlights

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12 exciting start-ups to watch out for!

An important highlight of the Microsoft Think Next event was the investor and media pitches made by some very interesting start-up companies. Given below is the list, and brief description of their products:Start-ups icons more

An alternate view of the future: India in the age of technological disruption – by Nandan Nilekani

Think Next events are hosted by Microsoft Accelerator with an objective to bring together the thought leaders of the Indian Technology Innovation Ecosystem. Here are the key learnings from one of the foremost thought leaders in Indian technology industry – Nandan Nilekani: more

Design Thinking: How to make one hundred million dollars in six months

I didn’t expect to hear much about innovation at the India Shared Value Summit last week, but I was pleasantly surprised when Shafi Saxena of News Republic reminded the audience of the two pillars of Design Thinking: empathy and creativity. Those two ingredients make Design Thinking work, and Design Thinking is the engine that drives successful innovation. more

Designing Simplicity

Designing simplicity can be harder than it looks. In the past few decades, the design of everything from alarm clocks to automobiles has gone through a long and gradual process of “feature creep” fueled by marketers’ dual desire both to justify a higher price and to promote this year’s model as “new and improved.” In fact, many executives I speak to seem to equate innovation with added features. more

The most important person in innovation

Recently, I’ve posted in a few LinkedIn discussions about innovation culture. Everyone seems to have an opinion about this important subject, but there is little agreement. One of the biggest arguments is about the most important person for innovation in a company. Who is this person? more