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8 Predictions on the Future of Internet in India

1)      India to remain the fastest growing internet destination more

Global FoodTech Start-up Industry: a burgeoning sector, yet looking for innovation and sustainability!

There are 2 things that prompted me to write this blog today – 1) Some amazing findings published by Tracxn on the food tech start-up industry, which gave me some ‘FOOD’ for thought, and 2) my very own life saving experience with one of the food ordering platforms. more

Is China the role model for India’s Internet story? NO. Most definitely NO.

Historical civilizations, humongous populations, cultural and religious overlaps, and current generation economic powerhouses- India and China are perhaps the two countries in the world that share most in common. Do the above similarities mean that the India internet adoption and business model monetization story will also pan out the same way that it did in China? According to a recent JP Morgan study, the answer is “No”. more

Multichannel strategies, a bridge between offline and online worlds


In the past decade, the evolution of communications technologies has dramatically changed the way people interact. The widespread growth in Internet connections, the adoption of cell phone short messages (SMS) the beggining of smartphones, tablets and applications, the rise of the social media… all this new media has reshaped the way we talk to each other, connect with the world and the products, services and companies we like. And not only to communicate. Data and information are now more accessible than ever. more

Virtual Currencies – the Biggest Disruption Internet Ever Created?

Digital wallets do not need financial institutions or a central authority to intermediate transactions and are quickly being adopted by companies from different industries. The volume that exceeds 3 million spontaneous mentions per month, on social media channels under this topic, reflects on how online audiences are engaging with this new reality. more