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Remembering A Change Agent – Dewang Mehta

Among countries in Asia-Pacific region, South-Korea has an average bandwidth speed of 20 Mbps, as against India’s 1.6, which requires of us to do some serious catching up. This bit of trivia resonates well in the 52nd birth anniversary of the man who envisioned bandwidth as a basic necessity – alongwith, food, shelter, clothing and electricity, which is now folklore.Remembering a change agent - Dewang Mehta more

Insights from Nasscom Leadership Forum – global citizenship, the old, the new, cross-generation and nostalgia

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What brings delegates to NILF?

Three days of deliberations at NILF 2011. As I walked into the halls and looked at all those heads listening in rapt attention to the speakers, I thought, what is it that gets so many people to an event like this – what would their expectations be? Unlike the World Economic Forum, where you have heavy weights walking the corridors and delegates jumping on board to “be seen”  at the right place at the right time, NILF is more targeted at the software industry and does not have a snob value for people with a stiffer upper lip. So what bring the industry there? more

What does the buyer want?

I attended a session with two speakers from the buy side – Steven Paquette, SVP and CTO of Travelers and Helmut Mahler, CIO Daimler Trucks and Buses and they were giving their views on Industrialization of services and the impact on service providers. more

Salutations! Live from Nasscom ILF 2011!


Vignettes of NILF 2010

As I look back on the just concluded NILF 2010, some memories stand out more clearly than others, having made a distinct impression on me. Like being in the wash room and seeing Som Mittal come in, haggard, shoulders stooped, looking tired to the bone. After the usual visit to the urinals, he approached the sinks, washed his hands, whipped off his glasses and washed his face vigorously. The he wiped his face, placed his glasses back on, squared his shoulders and held his head up. He then walked out the door jauntily, refreshed and energized, seemingly ready for anything. Love his spirit, and that of the NASSCOM team… more