NILF 2009 Archive

Beware excessive hubris

The UK government formed a cross-party parliamentary committee last week while we were all enjoying the hospitality at the NASSCOM NILF. This new committee has been charged with developing an improved trade relationship with India. Given the present and (particularly) future importance of the Indian economy that seems like a sensible strategy. more

The NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, 2009 – in Perspective

I’m back home in Chennai, after 3 days of time well spent at the NASSCOM India leadership forum, 2009, and I must admit that it has brought some cheer to the gloom that prevails. The speakers for the event were top class, and some of the most reputed and sought after business leaders. In these times, its important to induce optimism and pave new avenues for business; and events like these play an important role in salvaging the confidence lost. The message sent to the world was loud and clear, that Indian IT hasn’t lot its sheen (despite the recent chinks in the armour), and is resurgent. more

Managing in Turbulent Times: by CK Prahalad

What a fitting event to end to the whole program. It was a great one by CK. To be honest he was not at his best, I have heard him before (@ Interops last year) – I guess all that travel and jetlag and also the anxiety of catching the return flight in couple of hours from them didn’t help either I guess. Nevertheless was really good one and very informative. Let me summarize the points I got in the ensuing paragraphs. more

A fitting finale- Prahlad’s pearls of wisdom

The third day started on a bright note with Tharoor and ended on an equally positive note with C K Prahlad. While Prahlad’s talk was admittedly more “heavy” and his presentation was replete with frameworks and concepts, at the end of the day, the message was loud and clear. Indian IT is poised; in a downturn, more than ever before, IT can play a strategic role, and India must take advantage of this to leapfrog to the next level. more

Doing more with less – how outsourcing players are going green?

By Chris Mines of Forrester, Paul Coby, British Airways and Sanjiv Puri, ITC infotech and chaired by MR Rangaswamy of Sandhill. more

Corridor conversations- the good, the bad and the ugly of NILF 2009

Three days is a long time and 1200 delegates ( the figure provided by NASSCOM) is a not insignificant  number. So, do the math on the number of possible corridor conversations and consequently the range of opinions on this edition of NILF. more