NILF 2010 Archive

Naash Kaum 2010: All .. Iz .. Well!

Recently, I attended the most famous IT industry event in India. I don’t want to name it because I have not been paid for the publicity that will be generated by my sheer association with the event. more

Helping the smaller companies

One of the consistent discussions that kept on cropping up while I was at the India Leadership Forum in Mumbai this month was over smaller companies. How can smaller companies find business if they don’t have overseas sales offices, and how can they be found when a potential client is actively looking for a smaller partner – probably because they are themselves fairly small and might not be considered very important by the big suppliers. more

NASSCOM Foundation Contest winners announced!

We are glad to announce that the following have been selected as the three individual winners for the prize of ‘Gifting Software worth Rs. 40,000 to any one Indian Non-Profit of your choice’ more

Brazil in India

When I was in India recently for the NASSCOM conference I noticed a lot of other countries being represented at the show. In fact, over twenty different countries had delegations there in Mumbai. more

Standing out in the crowd : What’s your differentiator?

Mr Atul Nishar, Founder of Hexaware Technologies, did the initial round of introductions as he addressed on the need to stand out in a crowd. All mid-sized companies live through this challenge, he said. No number 2 company ever became number 1 simply by imitating the market leader. The differentiators that we see today because of globalisation, can be in various forms: that of fiscal adaptation, in cost structures, addressing labour laws and in infrastructure management, Mr Nishar said. He then invited Prof Dipak Jain of Kellogg School of Management to take the dais: more

Expect (and welcome) the unexpected

Mr Ashank Desai, the Chairman of Mastek and also the Chairperson for this session, introduced Lynda Gratton, the professor of Organisational Behaviour from London Business School. We are indeed lucky to have her address at the NILF, Mr Desai said. According to a recent survey conducted by FT, London Business School was ranked as the No 1 B School in the world and Prof Gratton was amongst the leading management thinkers of the world today. With an overall 18th rank and the highest in women, she certainly had all the right credentials. Prof Gratton has also authored several books, such as, Integrating the enterprise and Living Strategy. On a lighter vein, Ashank Desai shared a joke. A man had once gone to purchase a parrot and in one particular cage,  there were a dozen of them chirping away, but he caught one of them taking a nap. “Why is that’? enquired the man. “Oh, he is the Chairman”, shot back the seller. This had the crowd in splits. In this environment, no matter which strategy you adopt, ultimately it will be your employees who will drive business and deliver value, Mr Desai said. In a globalised and highly competitive environment, how much attention should you give to your employees? Their need is different from those of your customers , he said. With rising customer pressures, striking that vital balance becomes an imperative. Mr Desai spoke of some of the pressing challenges that employees face today: Commuting long distances and maintaining a work life balance is only a few of them. more