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Insights from Nasscom Leadership Forum – global citizenship, the old, the new, cross-generation and nostalgia

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What are customers looking for?

History tells us that steady growth in the world has often been interspaced with rapid upheaval caused by shifting consumer trends. And when it comes to customer of IT-BPO services, they have been among the fastest evolving consumers ever, exhibiting quick maturity and this trend has been amplified through the impact of the increased effect of new disruptive technological advances. So what do the new age IT-BPO service consumers are exactly looking for – was the topic for an intense discussion by a group of game-changers from the industry. TK Kurien played the able host and moderator helping dissect the modern customer with Jai Menon, from Bharti Group, Salil Parekh from Capgemini, and Larry Keirnan, CTO,  Bank of Ireland. more

If there is merit in learning from others’ experiences, then let ‘Experience’ share wisdom with the ‘New’!

A milestone must leave behind a legacy. So when we meet to celebrate the 20th edition of the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum in Mumbai between Feb 14 and 16, we want to get the best leaders who created the industry to meet the best of the future. We want to use this opportunity to create a platform where experience can share wisdom with the new. more

Twenty is a great age to be!: NILF

At 20, NILF has the experience of the ‘starting years of inexperience’ and the maturity of purpose, for the years to come.