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Be ready to disrupt now or be forced to, says George Westerman

George Westerman, a speaker at NILF, is credited with award-winning research, writing and speaking shows for senior executives on how to drive competitive advantage leveraging transformative technology. He says that digital transformation is happening at the customer-facing side which is smart and sexy, and just as importantly at the back-end, driving business processes. The two combined are putting things in a different way. This may or may not change basic business models. For example he gives the example of business model of Volvo. Volvo sells to dealers who in turn sell to the end consumer. Volvo, through mobile apps is able to reach out to the end-consumer, without necessarily cutting out the dealer. A B2B business is able to go B2B2C way.
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Data Science and Business Analytics – The new agents of Digital Disruption

We are poised at the cusp of the next wave of digital disruption – one that promises to be at least as significant as anything we have witnessed in the past. This new wave will be led by two forces – first, by the realization of the promise of artificial intelligence (e.g. in robotics, natural language processing, complex pattern recognition, etc.) and, second, by the proliferation of devices that both generate and process streams of digital data. These technologies and devices are already with us and fast evolving in sophistication. By the end of this decade they will begin to shake up a number of industries and will, in the long run, leave no sector untouched.
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Insurance at a digital crossroads

Like ‘going global’ was a prominent trend till few years back, ‘going digital’ is the mega trend shaping up the 21st century. Due to the mobile revolution, people are always connected. Their phone is the first and last thing they look at every day. So much that there is a connected online community of over 2 billion people that forms a brand new global market for digital marketers. By the year 2020, an entire generation, Generation C (for ‘connected’), would form the digital world. India isn’t far behind with nearly 240 million internet users and 150 million smartphone users. The digital ecosystem will continue to evolve and by 2018 internet users will reach the 500 million mark in India. Impressive!
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Digitization to Shape Retail

We live in times of unprecedented change. The rate at which change takes place is perhaps the highest ever in the history of mankind. More importantly, the rate of institutionalization of change is possibly the highest ever. As a result, human beings are living, interacting, socializing and shopping in newer and different ways. A significant proportion of this change is being driven by the revolution in digital technology.
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The Disruptors of Retail Industry

Any conversation on the retail industry quickly turns to the topic of disruption. In fact, the very nature of retail is characterized by a constant state of disruption. Seasonal fashion demands the disruption of last season’s trends. Advances in technology disrupt the status quo and create the next must-have consumer technology product.
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Re-architecting IT in a Two Speed World

The CIO’s world is changing at a speed that is exhilarating for some but disconcerting for many as digital transformation sweeps across businesses, governments and society at large. Even from the last year’s NILF where SMAC was just beginning to impact the way IT was managed and delivered to today, where completely new paradigms of IT sourcing and management are evident, the change has been nothing short of dramatic.
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