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GST Impact on Indian IT Industry- Some Hits, and then some Misses

Hurray-the Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill, which is aimed at addressing issue of multiple levies and its cascading effect, ushering in destination-based taxation, simplify compliances and provide for effective dispute resolution mechanisms in a time-bound manner- has been passed! more

Saying It For FDI Relaxation In E-Commerce

The 1.4 trillion dollar global e-commerce market is not evenly layered. As per 2013 WTO reports, the B2B segment was approximately 90% and the rest was B2C. There hasn’t been a perceptible change in the last two years. In India, FDI is fully allowed in the former, and the debate rages on with B2C. How far can there be a relaxation in rules to attract foreign direct investment? That, cent percent FDI be allowed in B2C as well, is what we are proposing for the 14 billion dollar Indian e-commerce industry, which is leapfrogging on its way at an annual compounded growth of 25%. Widely considered as a hotbed for entrepreneurs to set up shop and scale up exponentially in due course.
Saying It For FDI Relaxation In E-Commerce more

The net as a public resource

India faces critical policy choices regarding net neutrality and the potential regulation of online apps. At stake is India’s opportunity to enter the digital economy, where the internet is leveraged to create inclusive access; and through which India’s prodigious intellectual resources are harnessed to drive innovation. more