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What brings delegates to NILF?

Three days of deliberations at NILF 2011. As I walked into the halls and looked at all those heads listening in rapt attention to the speakers, I thought, what is it that gets so many people to an event like this – what would their expectations be? Unlike the World Economic Forum, where you have heavy weights walking the corridors and delegates jumping on board to “be seen”  at the right place at the right time, NILF is more targeted at the software industry and does not have a snob value for people with a stiffer upper lip. So what bring the industry there? more

Where’s my UID?

My favourite session of the day was Nandan Nilekani’s talk on the UID project. He described the work that was being done, some of the challenges and what were some of the goals – clearly, this is a massive exercise with the aim of providing IDs to 600M Indians by 2014. Nilekani was crisp in his communication and explained the ramifications of this mammoth exercise – the ID exercise encompasses both financial inclusion and mobile inclusion. The ID will serve as the proof of your existence as an Indian citizen and this concept has to be made aware to the masses – no mean task that! What was interesting was the possibility of opening up banking especially in the remote areas – as Nilekani put it, there is no use in providing bank accounts to people if the nearest branch/ATM is several kilometres away. So, this problem will be bridged by utilizing the local kirana/grocery shops who will function as micro-ATMS and dispense/distribute cash. And the technology that will empower these transactions is mobile – quite amazing! It was really good to see technology being used to address larger issues in India and no better man that Nandan Nilekani to champion this. more

What does the buyer want?

I attended a session with two speakers from the buy side – Steven Paquette, SVP and CTO of Travelers and Helmut Mahler, CIO Daimler Trucks and Buses and they were giving their views on Industrialization of services and the impact on service providers. more

Even Day Three is Power Packed!

 The excitement at NILF 2011 is infectious. As we keep moving from concept to concept and activity to activity, we can’t but share the excitement with you. more

Why you should be attending NILF 2011

For Team NASSCOM, adrenalin is kicking as we are only a week away from the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2011. I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind the members who have not registered already to get onboard. more

Standing out in the crowd : What’s your differentiator?

Mr Atul Nishar, Founder of Hexaware Technologies, did the initial round of introductions as he addressed on the need to stand out in a crowd. All mid-sized companies live through this challenge, he said. No number 2 company ever became number 1 simply by imitating the market leader. The differentiators that we see today because of globalisation, can be in various forms: that of fiscal adaptation, in cost structures, addressing labour laws and in infrastructure management, Mr Nishar said. He then invited Prof Dipak Jain of Kellogg School of Management to take the dais: more